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venture portraits price list

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wjwalsh Thu 14-Dec-06 00:45:33

hello can any body give me a full list of venture portraits products and more importantently thier prices?
kindest Regards wj

FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs Thu 14-Dec-06 12:50:57

I would suggest you try their Website . There is a phone number on it as well.

MrsBadger Thu 14-Dec-06 12:51:32

is it not on their website?

WigWamBahhumbug Thu 14-Dec-06 12:51:42

I can't give you a list of their prices but I can tell you they are very, very expensive, and their customer service is crap.

To give you some idea of prices, we had one of their big frames, about 18" x 30" with it has three images of 4" x 7" in - and it cost £700. The canvas block things they sell are £1,000 each.

I can't recommend them, the end result isn't worth the money and as I said, the service we had from them was abysmal.

BrandyTutter Thu 14-Dec-06 12:51:58

the answer is

£fecking expensive

i have friends who spent upwards of £10k

i kid ye not

NotQuiteCockney Thu 14-Dec-06 12:52:30

If you're after a photographer, if you say where you live, I bet MN can recommend one that doesn't have Venture's hard-sell techniques.

WigWamBahhumbug Thu 14-Dec-06 12:53:50

I'd be very surprised if their price list is on their website. They don't allow you to see the price list until you've had your photos taken, and go back for the viewing.

SchneeBallFight Thu 14-Dec-06 12:54:00

many other companies out there taking similar style photos for a LOT less money! <<faints at brandytutters friends>>

LIZS Thu 14-Dec-06 12:55:20

The basic desk top one - 6"*4" iirc - they throw in "free" with the £35 special offer session is (allegedly) around £125 to buy separately.

imnot27 Thu 14-Dec-06 12:58:37

Hi, we got the voucher for £25, got an hour session and a 7"x5". It is a lovely piccie, but the 1' x2' ones started at about £500 ! We just took the freebie and ran! Also, the photographer had v fixed ideas about the pics she wanted, kept MAKING us bump into each other, tickle the kids (which made them cry!), was not v 'us' really, so missed the point somewhat...

Twohootsunderthemistletoe Thu 14-Dec-06 12:59:56

Yes they tend not to publish their price list until you go back for your viewing and then people tend to get swept along by the atmosphere i.e. music/lights etc and end up spending a small fortune!

We used Olan Mills (also nationwide) and in the last 18 months or so they've really moved to the Venture style of photography. Nowhere near as expensive (and probably not as 'luxurious' viewing etc but still worth it). We have a couple of montages with 4 pics in (one big one and three small ones) and they were £170 which is v reasonable.

My Mum bought me a 'watch me grow' package last year where you basically get 4 photo sessions every few months to be spread over about a year (ideal for little ones growing up) - think it cost about £35 for the voucher (get a free 10 x 8 photo at each session as well).

Have a look on their website - they do all sorts of offers if you are after just one session etc.

Like someone else said, plenty of photographers are doing venture 'style' portraits now at a fraction of the cost.

PS - A few people have been caught out with mine and said "I love your Venture photos" when I've said they are OM they've nearly fainted!! having said that I have heard some people haven't been that pleased with their OM ones but that depends on the photographer at your local studio I guess.

mamalocco Thu 14-Dec-06 13:20:12

Would agree with other comments on Venture. Don't forget its a franchise, so the pictures you see on their website will not have been taken by the photographer you get. Our photographer had the personality of a housebrick, did nothing to put kids at ease, was very huffy that ds couldn't do a cartwheel (he was 2 at the time) and the end result was disappointing. Also agree that alot of independent photographers are moving into the more contemporary style and away from the hazy blue background of school photos!! I'd definately try one of them.

mustrunmorenakedthroughthesnow Thu 14-Dec-06 13:25:25


We had a session as a boots Gift thingy. Session good. Photos nice, but just too expensive.

Where abouts are you? If you're near London, may I suggest CATting Hub2dee. He took some fantastic shots of my boys, just as good as the Venture ones, and they'd be nowhere in their price region I'm sure. Venture wanted £885 for an album of 10 shots

deckthehillswithboughsofmummy Thu 14-Dec-06 13:35:12

We had a lovely photographer and the pics were to die for however the prices were ridiculous so we took our free image and ran.

Pinkchampagne Thu 14-Dec-06 17:27:24

They are VERY expensive! The voucher you get for £125 off actually buys you a desk top image worth £75 & the rest of it pays the £50 charge for the session itself!
The pictures are gorgeous & it is hard to walk away without spending a small fortune!
If you want one in a nice frame to look nice on your wall, the cheapest you can get costs £325!!

Blondilocks Thu 14-Dec-06 17:45:25

ex-OH got one that cost £750 & to be honest I thought he has taken much better photos of LO himself & the quality of the photo wasn't actually that impressive, nor the frame (have seen nicer ones elsewhere).

mousiemousie Thu 14-Dec-06 18:08:36

Spectacularly over priced

People regularly spend large percentages of their annual salary on 2 or 3 photos from Venture

danceswithreindeer Thu 14-Dec-06 18:11:47

If you live in Kent I can recommed a brilliant photographer called Sophie, did some fab family portraits for us.

wheresthehamster Thu 14-Dec-06 19:05:02

I love our Venture photo and the kids loved the session.

But I didn't love any of the pictures enough to pay those prices so just had the £25 one.

Do Olan Mills do the same sort of session?
E.g. freestyle session, 200 shots, and return a week later for review?

The DDs want to do another session like Venture so I am looking around for alternatives.

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Thu 14-Dec-06 19:05:48

I had gorgoues photos, no money, cried lots. Hate them with a passion now regardless of what the photos come out like.

Still very that they are the only people who have managed to get photos of me & DH looking like a couple rather than just two people next to each other (even the wedding photos are a bit like that ).

Judging by the Feb mums thread - if you live near Hub2Dee he takes loooooooooovely pics

MrsMillsletoe Thu 14-Dec-06 19:06:41

I think they start at about £500,000.00 for a passport sized one.

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Thu 14-Dec-06 19:08:35

<snort> sounds about right

ediemcreedie Thu 14-Dec-06 19:08:49

Snort. And you have to drive there to look at them and DRIVE back to get it. When we had ours done (WHY?WHY?) the woman said she didn't understand whey everyone looked at the back of the picture so much.I wonder

DizzyBinterWonderland Thu 14-Dec-06 19:15:26

i'm a cheapskate. i laid dd and her cousin on a white sheet on the floor, waited til dd started pulling cousins hair, took about 50 snaps, chose best few, stuck them in ikea frames. bingo, fab pictures, people think they're professional. lol.

DonnerDasherDancerDior Thu 14-Dec-06 19:16:35

My SIL spent £1000 on a fab picture (not worth it even though it is fab). She then went on to have another child and split from her partner!

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