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What are these blocks (like Duplo but magnetic)?

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Josavo01 Thu 22-Nov-18 21:32:09

Excellent thank you mums!! I just Googled ‘small duplo with magnets’ as this is how my son described these blocks. he plays with them in school and has put them on his special list and I have searched the internet for them and was getting nowhere! But as soon as I simply googled how he described them I got this thread as the top result and this is exactly what I was looking for - (although I had no idea what I was looking for) excellent thank you soooo much!

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Thu 14-Dec-06 21:22:07


Posey Thu 14-Dec-06 21:19:15

Glad to have been of help

PortAndLemonaid Thu 14-Dec-06 10:25:20

Thanks, Posey! You will have made a small boy very happy...

jabberwocky Thu 14-Dec-06 02:39:35

Thanks! Amazon in the US doesn't have it, but found an online store that does. I may have to get these for ds2 next year.

Posey Wed 13-Dec-06 20:45:07

Well, I remembered to look at nursery and its MANETICO (no G). Just googled it and they have it on Amazon. Still not sure about links, but easy enough to find.

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Wed 13-Dec-06 13:35:08

That's no bloody good to us then is it???

<throws a pirate sword at mrm>

mustrunmorenakedthroughthesnow Wed 13-Dec-06 13:20:58

Our delivery just came from my Mum; they're Magneatos!

PortAndLemonaid Wed 13-Dec-06 10:18:31

No, not Magneatos -- I've found them when Googling for these and they do look cool, but these are just as FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain describes (although, thinking back to when DS was attempting to join one of them onto a piece of Duplo (hey, I never said he was a genius...) they are ever so slightly smaller than Duplo).

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Wed 13-Dec-06 08:44:56

Nope, not Magneatos (or not the ones i'm lookin for anyway ))... DD's one have little magnets where the duplo knobbly bits would be.

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Wed 13-Dec-06 08:40:52

They're great! They are at DD's preschool... i wanna know the name now too

jabberwocky Wed 13-Dec-06 08:02:53

Were they Magneatos? They come in straight or curved.

PortAndLemonaid Wed 13-Dec-06 07:29:14

Thanks, Posey. I've not got anywhere with Googling so any information you have will be very helpful!

Posey Tue 12-Dec-06 19:40:32

I think we call them Magnetico but can't find it when I Google it. If we don't find out before tomorrow, will have a look when I get in to nursery in the morning.

mustrunmorenakedthroughthesnow Tue 12-Dec-06 19:36:26

I think that sounds like what my Mum has apparently ordered for the ds's for xmas. The delivery should be here any day, so I'l let you know! When pestered, she said 'a magnetic building set, but I'm not telling you any more'.

Posey Tue 12-Dec-06 19:35:27

We have them in our nursery. Will ponder the name and get back to you!

7swansaswimmingup Tue 12-Dec-06 19:34:23

my ds has got Magtastick which is shapes that magnet together to make animals or building structures etc. doesnt sound like the ones at your nursery though

PortAndLemonaid Tue 12-Dec-06 19:32:43

Today DS was engrossed at nursery playing with some blocks that were about the size of Duplo and in similar colours, but where Duplo has bumps that interlock these were flat with circular/cylindrical magnets so that they just kind of snapped together by magnetism.

Nursery didn't know what the brand name was. I think there may have been a little "hasbro" embossed on the bottom of some of them but can't find anything on the hasbro site. It was suggested that there was a bigger and chunkier version called Magnetic Megablocks, but I'd prefer to track these down if possible.

And so, as ever, I thought of Mumsnet, who always seem to identify things from the smallest and most inadequate of clues...

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