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thoroughly recommend large garden trampoline

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gold123 Thu 20-May-04 21:15:19

My parents came round to visit us today and bought the kids a 8ft garden trampoline. Its brilliant, I think I may have a problem getting them in today.

Not so good if you haven't got a very good pelvic floor though !!!!

Just thought I would share that with anyone who was thinking of buying one

tiamaria Thu 20-May-04 21:26:20

gold123 - spooky! We were just talking the other day about the lack of garden play toys now they are too old for swings/slide/climbing frame/sandpit! I think 2 of my friends have trampolines. I'll have to take a look! Thanks for that tip!!

gold123 Thu 20-May-04 21:32:38

Great for being nosey in your neighbours gardens too

Good one to buy for the 6 weeks school holiday

tiamaria Thu 20-May-04 21:39:19

gold123 - Yep, but it's very quiet around here. No dishy neighbours, unfortunately!

Where did your parents buy it from? Do you know how much it was, the make and dimensions? Sorry, I'm asking lots here!

butterflymum Thu 20-May-04 21:42:01

We bought one of the little Junior ones for our three boys and they love it (even the 23mth old!). Surprising really how much fun they have had on it in the two weeks we have had it......seriously considering buying a larger one now (maybe even one that me and hubby can use). The junior one (with a removable 'trainer' handle, would also be good for folks with a very small or indeed no garden, so no kids need miss out on the fun (and great excercise).

Hope your kids continue to enjoy it gold123 and gain the great benefits of active play.


gold123 Fri 21-May-04 00:34:02

They got it from a local place and don't know how much they paid for it.

They have been trying for weeks to get one from Argos - that one is on offer for £129.99 and is 10ft they also do a 12ft one - but unfortunately they are sold out at the moment.

The kids love it, had to drag my dd in tonight, she even snuck out in her nighty after her bath.

Ive been on it, wish I didn't have such a large chest and as I said totally useless if you have a dodgy pelvic floor.

gold123 Fri 21-May-04 00:36:41

Oh and somebody told me they do them in B & Q. I think maybe the Argos one is a good buy, but I think they are having problems getting them from their supplier.

Nutcracker Fri 21-May-04 00:39:23

Can you collapse them though or do you have to leave them out and up all the time ???

gold123 Fri 21-May-04 00:46:25

Out all the time, they are weather proof. Thinking of your new garden to be Nutty ? we bought one of the little ones a few years ago with the detachable handle on, at the time I thought it was the best present ever bought. They have had so much use out of it.

Its such good exercise and they are getting fresh air too. My dd has already learnt to do a somersault.

tiamaria Fri 21-May-04 00:46:42

gold123 - Thanks for that. I've had a glass of wine, so if I seem slurrrrred.............Ds's homework was to colour in the countries on his homework sheet as they appeared on the Eurovision Contest. My 2 are normally in bed by 8pm! Grrrrrrr. I bet they'll want to stay up and watch it next year, too! <Pained expression emoticon!>

Nutcracker Fri 21-May-04 00:50:25

Thanks Gold, i think i'll try them with the little one first and see how they go.

misdee Fri 21-May-04 01:04:48

dd's have been using the little one at m mieows today, i think i have will add a trampoline to their wish list for when we get a garden.

gold123 Fri 21-May-04 01:08:49

Our little one was from ELC and cost £40 I think, can also be used indoors - we used to bring ours in, in the winter

sibble Fri 21-May-04 09:11:56

word of warning though - don't decide you are the next Olga Corbett under the influence of a few glasses of wine as I did last year. Friends have never let me live down the incident, managed to bounce off somehow but did land on my feet. I thought I was rather graceful....
photos tell a different story..thank God DS is too young to be permanently scarred by the memory of his half drunken mother making a fool of herself.

SueW Fri 21-May-04 14:53:08

There's a good trampoline guide here

girlie Sun 23-May-04 02:25:03

Do you need to have flat ground, or are the legs adjustable?

SecondhandRose Sun 23-May-04 23:24:52

Flat ground definitely. We got ours from Ebay 13ft across with a safety net round it, it was £399 and is very popular.

twogorgeousboys Mon 24-May-04 00:00:30

Have bought one of the junior ELC ones (with handlebar). However, we can't seem to affix the trampoline bit - it seems to need the strength of 10 men to fit it - anyone got any tips?

Would love one of the big ones but got a diddly garden.

Azure Mon 07-Jun-04 12:54:53

We bought a junior trampoline (with handle) from Homebase at the weekend - £23. It was a pain to assemble - twogorgeousboys you definitely need two people to do the elastic bit - but DS (2.9) loves it. Tuesday morning he insisted it was brought out of the garage and into the house, so now it is in the hall - not what we had in mind. I hope to re-establish it as a garden-only toy this weekend. Still, keeps DS happy.

Janstar Mon 07-Jun-04 13:06:12

My childminder has one and they never tire of it.

KatieMac Mon 07-Jun-04 22:11:46

I want a big one - but DH is insisting it is level with the lawn - as it will cause less accidents.

But no-one knoews how to dig the hole without either a) it becoming a pond or b)the sides falling in

emmatmg Mon 07-Jun-04 22:54:48

We've just ordered this one

I hunted through numerous site and shops for a large trampoline that wasn't too high off the floor and found this one. 51cm isn't too high as both DS1+2 jump from higher on our stairs!!!
I also wanted one big enough si that I could go on it
I'll let you all know when it arrives, which should be any day now.

codswallop Mon 07-Jun-04 23:24:20



sorry in caps

yamamoto Tue 08-Jun-04 02:09:00

Have spoken on previous threads about the importance and ease of digging trampolines into the ground.
If you email me at I will forward instructions and photos.

yamamoto Tue 08-Jun-04 13:36:03

...not only are they 100% safer when dug in, but more accessable, more used and more fun.

After all, would you let your child (or dh!) jump up and down on the kitchen table...

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