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PC World - what a rip off

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mummysurfer Sat 15-May-04 18:01:35

Just bought a printer from PC world and we needed to buy a USB printer cable for it. They wanted £14.99. DH reckoned that was a rip off so we left it, went to Scan computers which is an internet company, luckily based in our town and got one for 69p.
Can you believe it?
\linl\here it is{}

mummysurfer Sat 15-May-04 18:02:02


Freckle Sat 15-May-04 18:08:19

Why is it that they sell the printer without the cable? Surely it's a necessary part and should come with the printer. But I agree that the PC World price seems extortionate. Just shows that it pays to shop around.

coppertop Sat 15-May-04 18:11:42

The last time I ventured into PC World, 2 spotty assistants were playing catch with a hard-drive. After it had been dropped a couple of times they put it back on the shelf. Needless to say I didn't go back.

Flip Sat 15-May-04 18:14:49

I've had a lot of dodgy stuff from Scan. Motherboards and CD-Rom drives that didn't work for starters.

BTW - are you coming on our mumsnet meetup next Friday MummySurfer?

mummysurfer Sat 15-May-04 19:17:50

thought the meetup was saturday when we are having a family get-together plus i work fridays

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