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Anyone bought bean bag sofas at Ideal Home Show?

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Rhiannon Thu 02-May-02 18:54:48

At the Ideal Home show I spent £250 on a bean bag sofa and a chair from a company called Jools International. I am getting concerned about this as no one knows what's going on when you ring up, every time I speak to them my order is wrong etc etc. Can anyone put my mind at rest that this company is OK and that they have received their order? R

Rhiannon Fri 03-May-02 19:16:04

How about this one then, did anyone buy a Jumbrolley, haven't got this yet either and apparently they are waiting for parts! What parts I have no idea as I bought the show brolley? Feeling a right mug now! Please someone put my mind at rest! R

Rhiannon Fri 24-May-02 19:57:53

Well just to update you if anyone's interested! Jools International finally came up trumps with their bean bag sofas (phew). But...

Continental Awnings that sold us the Jumbrolley, took nearly 2K from us via Visa have still not delivered after 63 days! We've taken advice from friends and contacted the Visa company who are refunding our account. I cannot tell you how relieved I am and how foolish I feel for paying for something upfront at the Ideal Home Show.

Today I went to the Chelsea Flower Show and the git from Continental Awnings was there selling his brollies. It took all my will not to go up and give him a mouthful, my heart was really thumping as I warned 3 people about him after they took leaflets and great interest in his bloody brollies!

Yippee for Visa and their great insurance scheme! R

ScummyMummy Fri 24-May-02 20:02:01

Hope you enjoy your bean bag suite, Rhiannon. I've no idea at all what a Jumbrolly could be but I'm glad you got your money back and hope you're not feeling too sad about not owning one!

Rhiannon Fri 24-May-02 20:07:25

Thanks SM, the people at First Direct were really good, they said to lie low for the next few days as they might suddenly want to deliver the thing! I'm going to have to tell the neighbours to make sure they don't take it in either. R

insomniac Thu 27-Feb-03 21:14:41

I found this site whilst doing a search on Jumbrolly. Does anyone who had conversations with the Continental Awnings rep at the Ideal Home Exhibition remember him extollint the virtues of the 'patented' vent system at the top which would stop the brolly blowing over in a wind. Needless to say, out Jumbrolly blew over in a wind and did a lot of damage to itself, despite its massive concrete base. It seems obvious that other people have had problems with this company already. Any comments?

clucks Wed 05-Mar-03 00:57:08

We got the bean bag sofa things a while back. I hope they warned you that you will need to top up with polystyrene balls forevermore. As they go flat after a while, especially if you are a fat bunch, like me and DH. We paid a lot less than 250 though, and it was jools international, from Bishops stortford, Ithink. But not leather though, we got the vinyl.

JoolsSuck Sat 03-Feb-07 15:15:19

Hi, My name is Stephen and I'm a sixth form student. I worked a christmas job for Jools International in Belfast. They let me work for three weeks up to christmas then told me they didnt need me.

Now they wont pay me. They haven't paid me a single penny of wages or commission. They lied to my dad when he asked them to pay me.

If you are buying something off these people, do ask the demonstrator when was the last time he got paid for the work he's doing!

bookcircle Mon 23-Jul-07 13:54:12

Hello, I'm looking to compare notes with anyone who has bought a JUMBROLLY lately?
Our problem is that our (Chelsea Flower Show) purchase has arrived without the lighting paid for, plus a "gas hydraulic lift" assistance arrangement not being apparent.
So far, I have only made a phone call to register concern.

jumbrollied Sun 16-Mar-08 18:39:12

has anyone following this thread been jumbrollied by the Jumbrolly Company ? angry if so visit the yahoogroup dot com and search jumbrolly. There are a lot of us out there who should be linking arms.

morejumbrollied Mon 31-Mar-08 17:54:59

Hi all, we have also been Jumbrollied!
We have looked at the yahoo site and also know of others who have been victims. We agree we should be linking arms.
Would Jumbrollied please contact us

MissyTheFlouncer Mon 31-Mar-08 18:05:20

callma Sat 31-May-08 10:10:12

I have been taken for a ride with Jumbrolly and are keen to talk to anyone who has and information. Please contact me.

callma Sat 31-May-08 10:13:30

I have been taken for a ride with Jumbrolly and are keen to talk to anyone who has and information. Please contact me.

jetty66 Wed 29-Oct-08 18:37:10

I am looking to contact people who have had dealings with this company as we are being taken to court over a cancelled order please get in touch believe me there is quite a few people.

SecondhandRose Thu 11-Jun-09 18:58:51

I don't know what made me think of it but I just thought I would Google the name Jumbrolley to see if the company still exists and it seems like the owner is still up to his old tricks some 7 (yes seven) years after we had a run in with him.

Very sad to see. You may well be able to catch up with him/Continental Awnings at the Gardeners World exhibition at the NEC Birmingham until 14th June. Is it still the same chap that looks like Keith Barron the actor?

SecondhandRose Thu 11-Jun-09 19:20:58

Me again, the reason I posted on here after so long is that it will be picked up on Google searches, that is how I just found it again.

libbypops Wed 25-Nov-09 20:22:38

oh dear - try this company, all bean bags are manufactured in the UK and they sell sofa bean bags and huge bean bag floor cushions too

tideisturning Thu 11-Jul-13 21:47:42

I may have some good news for you all that have been ripped off by Richard Wood. I am not happy with the treatment I got from him that I am going for the juggler.

To start with I am at moment composing an email to Dom Littlewood from cowboy traders. I think that the more that get in touch with him the better. I will be including a link to this page for him to see what Richard is like.

thank you for reading and I hope you follow suit and email Dom

Exinstallationman Tue 21-Jan-14 21:49:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ang2103 Sun 27-Apr-14 15:50:05

Hi, anyone have info on Richard Wood I'd be grateful as he's up to his old tricks and taking me
To court end of May and I'm trying to collect evidence on his sales tactics. Thank you

winston2008 Wed 07-May-14 23:31:53

My Husband I purchased a Jumbrolly in January 14 .My husband signed the order form and paid by credit card We then went for a coffee and I decided to find the company on my IPhone mainly to find a picture to send to our three daughters but unfortunately found no pictures (although there seems lots now ) but loads of complaints .We went to his stand and tried to cancel it he was a different person than he was when he was trying to sell us it .We waited four weeks I kept phoning and was promised delivery. I then received my credit card bill with the transaction on it so I phoned up my card company and put a stop on it on a Monday at 10am at 5pm surprise surprise same day I had a phone call wanting to delivery it on the forth coming Sunday. I said I wanted to think about it as I had stopped payment . It was not Richard Wood who phoned but one of his delivery men. I decided to phone on the Wednesday to say I had lost confidence in the product but no answer so sent a text.Saying we no longer wanted it as we had lost confidence in the product. On the Thursday I received a letter saying we could not cancel ect ect. So phoned up to his delivery man to say we would have it on the Sunday and would re instate the credit card payment when we had it delivered and was happy with it ,this was agreed but he was unable to deliver on the Sunday so arranged a delivery on March 1st 2014 .At 5.30pm still no brolly so I phoned up to ask where it was he had forgotten he was delivering it !!. He promised to phone me on the Sunday between 10 and 11 still waiting for the phone call and I have phoned him either .Richard Wood has put in a dispute and my credit card has paid him but not charged us as Visa has taken over the dispute . I Spoke to my credit card company today for an up date and no decision has been made it could be another month. So even though we are not out of pocket we are unable to look for another brolly to purchase as potentially we may have to pay for the one we originally paid for if we loose the dispute, even though we have not received it so the process will carry on again. Its stupid that we can not draw a line under this unpleasant episode for at least another month or even longer .Richard Wood has the money even though we have not paid it I really can not get my head round it all.
Anyone else had resent dealings with this awful man

Ang2103 Wed 28-May-14 16:05:39

I lost my case. The judge was very sympathetic and said that his hands were tied as had to follow the law and as the paperwork said 'order and invoice' he had to agree that it was a contract of sale even though given to me as a proof of at show. Now I have to pay him £4500. The judge made it clear he didn't want to go that way but had very careful of any dealings with this man and any of his companies

winston2008 Thu 29-May-14 11:49:02

Sorry to hear you have lost your case
What will you receive for the money you have to paid out
.i had a phone call yesterday strangely enough
From my credit card company with what they
Think us good news that they have won the
Case with Richard Wood and visa that he
Has to return the £2.800.00 that they lodged
With visa as they had credit my credit account
Already . I asked for a letter of confirmation in
Case he decided to take us to court she thought
I was jumping to gun as he had not a case as
We have never received the brolly and had two
Failed dates for delivery that had been arranged
Now I read your thread I am thinking we too
Will be a victim of a court case

Ang2103 Thu 29-May-14 20:45:09

I get nothing for the money. I'm glad you won your case and maybe it will give more people the courage to stand up to traders like Mr Wood! I am in touch with rouge traders and they want to do a story on mr wood, if it's okay with you can I show them this feed and see if they want to talk to you too ?

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