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Noddy Tableware

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pepsi Wed 12-May-04 13:48:59

A friend of mine wants Noddy tableware for a Noddy themed party for her 2 year old, has anyone seen it anywhere, did see it in the Adamant catalogue but she has been told he cant get hold of it in time for the party at the end of May.

littlemissbossy Wed 12-May-04 14:06:27

pepsi, i've had a good look for you on the internet, but i can't find any party stuff with noddy on. I've used a company called party pieces a few times, really good choice of themes,excellent delivery but no noddy on their either,here's their website HTH

littlemissbossy Wed 12-May-04 14:08:37

sorry, for some reason that link doesn't work, i'll try again here

littlemissbossy Wed 12-May-04 14:10:06

Bl**dy hell !! still not working and that perfectnav page is taking over my pc ARGGHH!! their website, if you're interested is

pepsi Wed 12-May-04 15:22:58

Thanks for trying littlemissbossy, have already tried party pieces, Im amazed that the big supermarkets are doing Noddy cakes and all the party stuff as Noddy seems to be the in thing for the little ones at the moment.

katzguk Wed 12-May-04 15:43:27

please post here if you do find noddy because my dd is noddy mad and i would like to do her a noddy birthday party at the end of the year.

she could always buy a load of happy meals an duse the boxes!!

foxinsocks Wed 12-May-04 16:01:57

scroll down on this link for them

noddy plates at adamsantsparties

foxinsocks Wed 12-May-04 16:03:23

should say that I have never used them so I don't know what they are like - just happen to have heard them mentioned

pepsi Wed 12-May-04 18:16:29

Have already contacted adamants and he cant get them in time unfortunately, thanks anyway. Mr Sainsburys and Mr Tesco should realise there is a gap in the market!

littlemissbossy Wed 12-May-04 18:25:48

hello pepsi again, try website here , they have noddy tablecloths, perhaps you could email them to see if they have anything else? worth a try

foxinsocks Wed 12-May-04 18:26:55

oh sorry pepsi - should have read your first post more carefully - didn't realise you had checked them already! I don't think the Noddy people have released this sort of merchandise (or the permission to mass produce it) yet. You know what its like though - in around 6 months time we'll be flooded with Noddy just when you don't need it!

tamum Wed 12-May-04 18:28:05

Oo, oo look at this ! Not all relevant, but there's a fair few bits and bobs.

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