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casserole dish

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Lisa78 Wed 12-May-04 12:51:55

I've got one of the bog standard pyrex casserole dishes but I want a really big one - but not one that costs a fortune!
Any ideas?

michellefromlakeland Wed 12-May-04 12:52:27

one that goes ont he stove too?

Lisa78 Wed 12-May-04 12:53:27

dunno michelle, hadn't thought of that
That would be a bonus I suppose, but am mainly looking for one that goes in the oven, just a really big one
(Lisa wants a really big one!!! )

michellefromlakeland Wed 12-May-04 12:54:40

they are the best like a le creusat tyoe one but cheaper

michellefromlakeland Wed 12-May-04 12:56:18

like tgis?

Janh Wed 12-May-04 13:24:54

Have a look at this page , Lisa - there are a couple of things called roasters and stockpots that might do. VERY cheap!

Lisa78 Wed 12-May-04 19:48:42

thank you ladies,
problem solved

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