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Duvet clips to keep duvet over toddler to stop them waking in the night?!

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amazonianwoman Sun 26-Nov-06 20:58:00

DD moved from her cot to a single bed a couple of months ago and is fine in it, except that her feet are right at the end of her 18-36mth grobags, so we've tried switching to a single duvet (I refuse to fork out on yet another set of grobags, size 3yr+)

Every night she has the duvet she wakes during the night, or very early, and is cold, having kicked the duvet down the bed (it can't fall off, bed has side rails)

I don't really want to put her in a fleecy all-in-one as she'll melt when the duvet is over her, but at 6mths pg I don't want to keep getting up to cover her up! (when she wakes she usually stays awake for at least 2hrs )

Have seen these duvet clips , but instructions say to place at foot of bed?

Anyone used them at head end to keep duvet over toddler? Do they work? Will they stop her kicking the duvet half way down the bed? Have tried to encourage her to keep pulling it up but she's such a wriggler. And I need my sleep at the minute!

PeachesMcLean Sun 26-Nov-06 22:04:20

Hi Amazonian, I haven't tried the clips but recall my DS kicking the covers off all the time. I guess kids just eventually get the hang of keeping them on when they keep waking up cold. My other thought - what a perfect opportunity to get your OH used to getting up in the middle of the night.... why should you keep getting up to cover her up??? (sorry, not a helpful post....)

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Sun 26-Nov-06 22:09:36

Duvet clips are rubbish! Well they didn't work for my DS's anyway. Gave up in the end.They just wouldn't keep hold of the duvet.Just slipped off all the time!

amazonianwoman Sun 26-Nov-06 22:11:48

Thanks Peaches, you're absolutely right , should print your reply and show it to him...

He seems to have that temporary condition {night-time toddler waking deafness syndrome}

In his (ever so slight) defence, he works long hours in stressful job, I'm a SAHM. And DD screams for me if he goes into her room at night.

You're still right though!

amazonianwoman Sun 26-Nov-06 22:13:07

ISTKSC - thanks, won't waste money if they don't work. Any other tips (for my sleep and sanity)?!

colditz Sun 26-Nov-06 22:13:37

cut the bottom off the grobag and put socks on her feet.

colditz Sun 26-Nov-06 22:14:52

You can always sew it back up for your next baby

amazonianwoman Sun 26-Nov-06 22:15:41

Have considered that - was hoping to keep them intact for no.2, but if needs must...

£45 duvet and £30 duvet cover will be mouldy by the time she's interested in them

iota Sun 26-Nov-06 22:17:02

I used the fleecy all in ones with a light blanket over

colditz Sun 26-Nov-06 22:18:37

Put them away, and bring them out with a flourish next year. She will be more able to keep them on then too.

NannyL Sun 26-Nov-06 22:43:58

ok heres the asnwer:

get a single sheet and put it under the far side of the matteress, going so it goes the 'other' way to the way its supposed to go...

put the duvet on as normal...

then bring the long end of the sheet over the dvet and tuck the other side it under the near side of the mattress.

makes it much harder for the duvet to fall off... though if they wriggles a lot tyhe may wriggle out of it!

good luck!

colditz Sun 26-Nov-06 22:46:04

wow nannyl do they teach you that one in nanny school? that's brilliant!

NannyL Sun 26-Nov-06 22:48:05

cant remember where i learnt it actually!

amazonianwoman Mon 27-Nov-06 10:21:40

Great tip NannyL - will try that one tonight

Stayputduvet Sat 25-May-13 17:19:01

My sons duvet would also end up on the floor so I made a duvet cover that stayed put! I am looking at bringing my idea to market and just wanted to get some feed back to find out if its something someone would buy

peanutMD Sat 25-May-13 17:48:34

Turn the duvet sideways and tuck in each side under mattress.

Also helps if you have a child who falls out of bed constantly.

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