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Hair Tools FHI Straighteners

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GeorginaA Fri 24-Nov-06 17:17:46

I've been given some money for Christmas and I was all set to buy some GHDs as per Mumsnet recommendations However, my hairdresser has told me that she highly rates (and prefers) the FHI straighteners from Hair Tools - they're apparently outselling the GHDs at her supply place and she seems to think they're better.

They also say they're for damp to dry use (which GHDs aren't from research? Or is that not true?) They're also about £15 cheaper.

So now I have a huge dilemma. I love the results she gets with my hair when she uses the FHIs on it but I've never used GHDs to compare. Has anyone used both that can give me a review

I know the topic of GHDs has been done to death a bit, sorry!

GeorginaA Fri 24-Nov-06 17:18:25

Oh, and what does the Tourmaline thing mean? GHDs don't seem to have that?

GeorginaA Fri 24-Nov-06 17:53:38


Anyone? No one?

GeorginaA Sat 25-Nov-06 08:25:16

*bump again*

I can't believe that Mumsnet would be silent on the subject of hair straighteners!

LemonTart Sat 25-Nov-06 08:29:35

I read everything on here about them, ignored all advice about how amazing GHDs were and bought Wigos. They were a third of the price and are fabby. My hairdresser who cuts my hair at my house used them when she forgot her beloved GHDs and was really really impressed too. heat up fast, have all the same techy stuff, decent plates, kind to your hair with all that infra red stuff.
Tourmaline is one of many new coatings that is meant to be good for your hair. It probably is good but so is a lot fo the other coatings too!
GHDs were the best for ages as they used the top technology but as all the others catch up, personally I think there is the equivalent and possibly better for much much cheaper.
Lots of hair sites out there with comparison specs and advice for hair type, worth googling if you are undecided

LemonTart Sat 25-Nov-06 08:30:39


try that (sorry, you will have to paste, rubbish at links!!)

GeorginaA Sat 25-Nov-06 08:52:21

Thank you LemonTart, that link is really helpful

I found lots of sites saying that the FHIs were good, but not much in the way of comparison. They do seem on paper better spec than the GHDs (at least for what I want them for - the damp to dry would be really helpful) and I like the results the hairdresser gets with them.

It's just that nagging doubt of whether I'm spending all that money on the right thing

GeorginaA Sat 25-Nov-06 20:59:49

Have ordered the FHIs ...

redshoes Sun 26-Nov-06 20:35:55

Can you let us know if they are good? I have ordered GHD's from dh for xmas - but I'm sure it's not too late!...

GeorginaA Sun 26-Nov-06 20:51:33

I will do - but I won't be using them until after christmas - I shall be wrapping them up (well I have to have something to open on the day!)

redshoes Mon 27-Nov-06 08:02:57

TailsTalk Sat 23-Jun-07 18:18:59

FHI are probably the best you can get. I bought a pair from and they are fantasitic. They get hotter than GHD but have a heat control if you need them cooler. At half the price, why pay for the "label" get the FHI

LucyApr1985 Fri 09-Jan-15 16:46:35

I see this thread has not been updated in a while but I have been trying to find more information about these straighteners myself. There does not seem to be many recent reviews on them and the ones I found haven't been the great. The two best, though brief reviews I found were here:

Lucy's FHI Straightener review
& Beauty by Design's 26mm Fhi Straighteners review

Like I said before, they are not the most in-depth reviews in the world but they might help someone. flowers

Foxyroxy1984 Tue 07-Jun-16 09:36:41

I've had FHI for years
My sister is a hair dresser & I asked her which I should get & she said FHI are the best & the trade use them (this is why you won't find many reviews on FHI there not a high street brand)

I have two, my wide plate that I've had for about 10 years (I have very thick long hair) & my thin curved straiteners that I've had for about 3 years.

My think plate are staring to get hot on the Handel & I could do with new plates but after 10 years they are still going!

You can adjust the temperature but only on some as I can't change the temperature on the slims.

As I said I have thick, long and naturally curly hair that's prone to fizz & curl in the damp & these are the only straiteners I found that work & last

I hope this helps

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