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Funny Roller by Charton

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mckenzie Sun 09-May-04 14:28:08

My DS and I saw a child at the park yesterday with this toy made by Charton and called a Funny Roller. It's a little bit like a scooter but it has a wheel to steer it and has places for both feet rather than just the one with a traditional scooter.
A search on Google hasn't come up with anything. Does anyone know where I might get one from please? I did ask the child's dad but it had been a present and so he didn't know.

SoupDragon Sun 09-May-04 14:33:40

No, but DS2 loved playing on one at a local children's farm recently!

LIZS Sun 09-May-04 14:56:27

Was it this ?

mckenzie Sun 09-May-04 15:27:24

that is it lizs!! Thank you. The one we saw was a different make but who cares. Now I just need to find a stockist. FIngers crossed it's not too expensive.

mckenzie Mon 10-May-04 19:31:24

where can i get Berchet producst from does anyone know? Lizs has kindly discovered for me that they make one but I cant find any shops that actually sell it and my e mail to Berchet HO has been returned undelivered. Am I destined not to buy one I wonder??

LIZS Sun 11-Jul-04 18:44:06

mckenzie I think I found one here at Index .

michmorgan Mon 15-Jun-09 19:01:52

hello i have a funny roller made by charton for sale £60 if your interested give me a call on 07789426561

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