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Potty Training - Brilliant alternative to expensive potty liners

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corachcymraeg Thu 30-Jul-15 10:08:31

Random post alert... Bear with me!
I'm sure there are others on here who are potty training their little people.
I've recently bought a 'Potette' travel potty and find that the liners, which are basically plastic bags with a bit of absorbent square in the bottom, are ludicrously expensive.
I was in my local Poundstretcher yesterday and got a brilliant brainwave when I saw the product on attached pic.
They sell these absorbent sheets for toilet training puppies (aaah) for £3.99 for a bag of about 15 big waterproof sheets and these are ideal for the Pottette! They are huge and you can cut them down into smaller squares and use with a standard nappy bag for a fraction of the cost of the branded bags!
I'd also go as far as saying you could actually also use these when pregnant on your bed, in case your water breaks in the night!
You're welcome!

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