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Non-ugly Infant shoes for boys (ie. Not Clarks!)

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AreYouThinkingWhatImThinking Wed 29-Jul-15 13:17:40

My DS is currently in an infant size 6.5G (using Clarks sizing) but boys shoes in Clarks are super ugly IMO. I've bought him several pairs of Clarks shoes I want him to have well-fitted shoes, but I would like to get him a nice white pair of trainers for everyday use. But I can't find any in half sizes or varying widths...

Any recommendations for well fitted shoes from anyone other than Clarks?

rachyconks Wed 29-Jul-15 13:23:33

Schuh has a sale on. Just got DS a pair on Nike Air Force 1 high tops and Lacoste trainers for £20 each. I think clarks shoes have gone really downhill. I always found the startrite Milan trainers really hardwearing.

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