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Moonpig cards - have you ssen these? lol

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Codswallop Thu 06-May-04 12:37:35


cant think of a birthday for these now.

wonder if they would like to advertise on mn?

ionaming Thu 06-May-04 19:17:16

I've used them lots in the past. Very reliable service & great being able to customise the names etc! A little bit pricey but they quite often do offers such as you pay £20 into your Moonpig account but can order £30 worth of cards. Everyone that I've sent one of these to has wanted to know the website!

Beccarollover Thu 06-May-04 19:18:41

i love them

Nutcracker Thu 06-May-04 19:19:28

Oooh i like them.

It's my birthday soon Coddy (hint hint )

SoupDragon Thu 06-May-04 19:28:18

I love Moonpig and use it all the time.

Codswallop Thu 06-May-04 19:32:37

I have used thes but not these magazine stlye ones

Codswallop Thu 06-May-04 20:27:43

hey nitty cpoatct me via nother talker. I would love to send one

SoupDragon Thu 06-May-04 20:28:29

Nitty!! pork!

Codswallop Thu 06-May-04 20:29:23

lol N. U. T. T. Y

SenoraPostrophe Thu 06-May-04 20:37:11

((ssshhh))) that´s where I get all my cards from!

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