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fairyfly Thu 06-May-04 08:25:29

I am sick to death of companies making out things are healthy, when they aren't, I got sucked in looked at the kellogs box and they are full of cr@p. V. annoyed. Rant over.

misdee Thu 06-May-04 08:29:47

thanks for letting us know. was ;looking for them the other day and wondered if they were as healthy as they made out.

muddaofsuburbia Thu 06-May-04 08:41:24

Puffed air coated in loads of sugar - like the inside of crunchies - yeeeauch.

SoupDragon Thu 06-May-04 09:25:27

I hate the smell of them. DSs love them and they have them occasionally as part of their range of breakfast cereals. Tip: I put cornflakes in the Frosties box and they never noticed the difference!

koo Thu 06-May-04 09:32:31

I bought some under extreme suffrance. They remain untouched in the cupboard as the whole family thinks that they smell like spew.

fairyfly Thu 06-May-04 12:32:01

Smell like spew, that a good reason for binning them which i just have. Back to Kashi.

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