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Fantastic Offer on 2 in 1 Pushchair - Worried it's too good to be true!

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Toothache Wed 05-May-04 09:46:17

I had spotted a 2 in 1 Pram/Pushchair in Mothercare for £180. It's a Cosatto Riga. Ds's Britax broke when he was 8mths old and I couldn't get it fixed (long horrible story.... refuse to buy a Britax now!).

I was peeved at having to buy a brand new pram/pushchair again, but new I didn't have a choice. £180 seemed a really good price though.

Anyway.... I just went onto the website and the same 2 in 1 was on special offer at £99 with free delivery!!!

OMG - I searched for the catch, but couldn't find one so I've just bought it.

So I wanted to post this to ask if you lot think it's a good deal or have I been diddled??? Is a good site? I've never purchased anything from there before.... are they reliable? Is there something I should know about the Cosatto Riga 2 in 1?

>suspicious mind alert<

Also I wanted to post this to let others know about the offer too.

karen99 Wed 05-May-04 10:30:53

I LOVE KIDDICARE.COM !!!! We have bought loads from there and it's always arrived in good order and very fast too. Their offers only last a short while as they buy alot of specific stock in and are able to sell it quickly at cut down prices. I bookmarked a highchair once and went back a month later and the offers had changed (it wasn't there any more) and this was the explanation they gave me. Plus the offers tend to be for specific fabric choices, not full ranges, but who cares at such good prices.

Go for it!

karen99 Wed 05-May-04 10:32:22

Sorry, just reread that you've got it - DOH! Well done. (but can't comment on the particular pushchair, we've got a Graco)

wobblyknicks Wed 05-May-04 10:32:40

I've bought loads from kiddicare - they're great. And the stuff has always got here really, really quick.

WSM Wed 05-May-04 10:39:06

It'll just be a case of kiddicare getting rid of last seasons stock to make room for this seasons, nothing more suspicious. IME Kiddicare are great too, I've had a few things and the delivery has been quick and painless

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 10:43:46

Phew! Thanks folks. What a bargain eh??? HALF PRICE?!

The best offer I had seen on that pram was Mothercare sale 10% off. We've just saved a bleedin fortune.... ooooh I think I'll treat myself to a M&S Cheesecake tonight... yes.. A WHOLE one.

fuzzywuzzy Wed 05-May-04 13:10:11

Kiddicare are brilliant, I've used them loads, BUT the catch is their returns policy, it's extortionate, if you change your mind you end up paying loads, however if you need to make a return because of a fault then they're not so bad, however remember to sign unchecked on the delivery receipt.

wobblyknicks Wed 05-May-04 13:29:55

The other good thing about kiddicare is they email you a link to the delivery website so you can see where your order is, so you don't have to wait around, you can tell when it will arrive.

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 13:39:51

Eh... Wobblynicks - I don't have a link to a delivery website, just a confirmation email. I've NO IDEA when they are going to deliver.... OH GOD What if there's nobody there?

wobblyknicks Wed 05-May-04 13:41:21

No, sorry, didn't want to worry you!! They only email you the link once they've posted the stuff, so may take a couple of days or so.

busybee123 Wed 05-May-04 13:47:24

Nothing wrong with the riga...I have one and I love it. DS2 is so snug and comfy in it. and it lies flat....perfect as he suffers with terrible colic. Probably just cheap cos they are bringing the new colours out soon. I got the one in ocean check and that colours been out for a while now...due for a change I daresay!! The only fault is that it is a bit heavy but when its switched to the pushchair mode it seems a lot lighter somehow.

wobblyknicks Wed 05-May-04 13:49:22

Sorry toothy - I hope I didn't scare you!! You get the confirmation email asap but you don't get the other one for quite a while.

Clayhead Wed 05-May-04 13:53:09

Another huge Kiddicare fan here, they're great. Have bought loads and never had a problem.

I agree with Karen99 though, you have to decide quickly or run the risk of losing out!

fairydust Wed 05-May-04 13:55:27

BIG BIG FAN OF KIDDICARE we brought loads of stuff and it's all been delievered really quite at a excellent price.

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 13:57:09

Thanks WN!

BusyBee123 - Its the Ocean Check that I've ordered. I'm still amazed at the price. I'm SO sad I had to phone my Mum and tell her the minute I'd ordered it.
The weight thing could be a problem as I don't drive and go lots of places by bus/train. Luckily the buses here are lowloaders so I can just wheel it on. Maybe the weight will be useful in getting rid of my flabby arms!

fairydust Wed 05-May-04 13:59:38

i've just checked it out and it's rather nice - there's nothing nicer than a new baby in a new pram.

busybee123 Wed 05-May-04 14:06:36

Well I manage it on the trains and buses ok and I have 2 other toddlers as well aged 2 and 4 so I am sure you will manage it!!

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 14:10:41

OMG - The reality of a new baby has just hit me!

fairydust Wed 05-May-04 14:12:06

toothache - how are you doing now?

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 14:28:24

I'm fine now thanks Fairydust. Finally started 'glowing'!! Only 13wks until D Day, although I have a funny feeling this wee soul will be a couple of weeks early.

>she says hopefully <

fairydust Wed 05-May-04 14:29:34

finagrs crossed it's a little early for you then.

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