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tigermoth Tue 23-Apr-02 22:46:22

I was in Baby Gap today and saw a great bargain - a large canvas baby change bag, three different pattens to choose from,( plain, pretty and stripe) complete with changing mat, down from £48.00 to £6.99. I don't know anyone - in the real world at least - who has just given birth, or would need a baby changing bag, but I thought it was such a good bargaian, I'd tell you about it here. These bags were in the Bluewater branch of Baby Gap, but are probably availablr elsewhere.

Here's a suggestion, news of any other bargains we see could be posted here as and when.

MandyD Tue 23-Apr-02 23:13:39

Yes, the bargains thread is such a good idea! My only contribution at the moment is 60p off the standard size Ribena Toothkind and buy one get one free on Birds Eye batter fish fingers at Sainsburys!! Ebay is my favourite source of bargains for the small person...

pamina Wed 24-Apr-02 08:45:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChanelNo5 Wed 24-Apr-02 14:32:32

Pamina - Any offers on the vitamins for hair? LOL hysterically or I'd probably cry!!

Rhubarb Wed 24-Apr-02 14:50:48

Here is a scam for you, but it wasn't me who told it to you ok? Go onto Littlewoods Index Extra site and order something for around £13-15 and put it into your shopping basket. Where it asks you for a promotional code, type in zq9857 and it deducts £15 from your order leaving you only to pay the postage and packing. This can only be done once for one address. I have just done it and got a denim blouse for £3, it came this morning. But I feel like a criminal now so I will have to be nice to someone to make myself feel better!

Tillysmummy Wed 24-Apr-02 15:16:42

Great tip thanks !

Tillysmummy Wed 24-Apr-02 15:25:26

Rhubarb, when I click on clothes it goes to other companies web sites - does this still work ?

Tetley Wed 24-Apr-02 15:50:31

It just worked for me! Thanks Rhubarb!!

janh Wed 24-Apr-02 16:39:26

has regularly updated lists of BOGOFs etc for all the big supermarkets and other good deals too. Worth a look.

Alibubbles Wed 24-Apr-02 18:08:51

Emagazines - any subscription to a magazine, spend £15 and get £10 of. All the mags I normally buy off the shelf I have ordered on subscription and saved a fortune eg. Junior for £17.50 a year and Good Housekeeping £15.90! Great for gifts!

SueW Wed 24-Apr-02 19:06:22

From the wrinkles thread - Total Effects Day Moisturiser (now with SPF 15) is 5 quid cheaper in Superdrug than Boots (13.49/18.50).

In fact the whole range is cheaper. The body lotion was 10 in Boots (plus extra 200 rewards) but 6.99 in Superdrug.

Lindy Wed 24-Apr-02 19:45:31

Boozers read on - next week (from the 28th April I think) Tesco are doing 20% off wine and a great white wine (am drinking it now!) is the WHITE Cotes du Rhone only £2.49 a bottle so with the discount should be extra good value.

Lindy Wed 24-Apr-02 19:45:51

Note - 20% off French wine only

Rhubarb Wed 24-Apr-02 20:54:38

Tillysmummy - are you logged on to the right site? As far as I know they haven't sussed it yet. It's not illegal but I just know it's wrong and now I'm having this big guilty conscience thing - so I reckon that by telling you lot I am turning it into a good deed, you know, by helping others out, so that makes it ok, in a way. Oh sod it, it's a nice shirt!

Ems Wed 24-Apr-02 21:30:28

I can tell I'm going to LOVE this thread, spot a bargain and I'm high as a kite!

Alibubbles thanks for the site, I got my Mum her fave gardening glossy as a prezzy.

manna Wed 24-Apr-02 21:33:52

rhubarb - very dubious moral argument. Who was it said that good can never come out of evil, or words to that effect? Thomas Aquinas? Not Robin Hood - that's for sure

MandyD Wed 24-Apr-02 21:35:38

Had a feeling I might find bargain wipes in Boots today...I was right! Johnsons and most varieties of Boots own Buy One Get One Free!

Rhiannon Wed 24-Apr-02 21:58:21

Boxes of 6 cartons of Ribena are buy one get one free in Tesco and I think J.S too, they work out at 17p a carton (sadly I have cupboards full!). R

SueW Wed 24-Apr-02 23:41:14

Oh bother re wipes - they were on special in Asda (buy 2 packs of 72 J&J for 3 quid instead of 1.69/pack) but nowhere near as good an offer as BOGOF. I bought at Asda

elwar Thu 25-Apr-02 11:45:45

Cheers Rhubarb - nice one!

Lizzer Thu 25-Apr-02 12:59:08

Thanks rhubarb- just got dd a pair of adidas trainers for £12 total!! Brilliant, I'd been after them for ages and was willing to pay £20 or more.

Batters Thu 25-Apr-02 13:08:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessi Thu 25-Apr-02 13:21:46

Gap sale, I never buy full price Gap clothes for ds, but today kitted him out for the whole summer! T-shirts are £3.99 as are shorts, great summer weight jackets/dungaree's and jeans are all £9.99. Lovely girls stuff too.

pamina Thu 25-Apr-02 13:23:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sis Thu 25-Apr-02 14:28:43

Don't feel bad load of people exchanges the special order codes for various offers on the verbaudet thread. The whole point for Littlewoods is that the one off discount will lure us suckers ( erm, I mean discerning consumers) to buy more from them in the future which will more than cover the discount we get on the first purchase. Gotta go and find the website now...

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