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How do you control a young toddler on a scooter?

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Peregrin Thu 11-Jun-15 17:07:42

I would like to get my 20mo DS a scooter (micro mini?) but I am worried about him whizzing away and getting into accidents. How fast can a 20mo get on these - faster than they can run? (DS is pretty speedy on his little legs already.)

I was considering a trike with a parent handle instead, but those just seem like a glorified pushchair especially as he can't pedal yet. I want him to be able to burn off some energy and develop motor skills so the scooter seemed like the better option for that.

If I could dream I would also add that whatever we get would be nice to be able to use on the pavement, so we could go to places easier (we don't have a car so for now it's pushchair only, walking at his speed and limited in the distance we can cover, or strapping him onto myself which breaks my back). I'd get a helmet of course, and wouldn't let him scoot/trike in crowded places, so what I'm really worried about is riding into the path of cars / into lampposts etc if he would be too fast for me to catch.

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