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calling all michelle fans!

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Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 11:41:45

Message withdrawn

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 11:51:13

no one?

where ar eyou all?

Kayleigh Tue 04-May-04 11:55:02

left home before post. now I'm really looking forward to going home

My dh has been working in Norwich a couple of days a week for last few weeks and I was really not happy about it. Last week he come home with chocs for kids that he bought in Lakeland. Which is right next to where he is working !!!!
How happy am i

marthamoo Tue 04-May-04 12:01:41

Had mine about a fortnight ago...but then I am closer to the Lakes than you, coddy

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:07:45

ooh and? fave product ? is there anew photo of michelle?

CountessDracula Tue 04-May-04 12:10:31

god you are sad sometimes coddy!!! This thread is tragic

Kayleigh Tue 04-May-04 12:12:41

Bog off CD.

I made burgers with my burger maker yesterday. How did I ever manage without it ?

scoobysnax Tue 04-May-04 12:13:17

what are you eyeing up, coddy?

Kayleigh Tue 04-May-04 12:14:15

sounds like she's eyeing up Michelle. Anything you want to share with us Coddy ?

Northerner Tue 04-May-04 12:26:36

Who is Michelle FFS?

Thought this was about the pop idol winner.

SoupDragon Tue 04-May-04 12:30:23

I got my summer catalogue about 2 weeks ago, Coddy. Clearly Michelle loves me more than she loves you

I love the BBQ frying pan.

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:31:26

you need to look at the lakeland limited web site and go to the home page notice board bt

If you dont know lakeland the joke's lost I would say.
I fancy a plstic bamboo plant
am sick of mine dying

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:32:12

is this really naff?

CountessDracula Tue 04-May-04 12:32:44


Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:33:02

there are some really unnecessary thing sint here - I refer you to this

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:33:21

oh really?
bum mine is on its last legs again

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:34:01

but cd michelle ays it would fool pandas!

ks Tue 04-May-04 12:35:02

Message withdrawn

bluesky Tue 04-May-04 12:35:27

Northerner I'm with you - thought it was a Pop Idol thread, but do also follow the Lakeland Idol Michelle too!

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:35:41 can bin them"

CountessDracula Tue 04-May-04 12:35:43

EURGH that glass thing is vile

Coddy I don't believe in fake plants but if you must....

Do you have many pandas in your neck of the woods?

SoupDragon Tue 04-May-04 12:35:59

Oh love the "toasting set" - makes me giggle every time I see it. What IS the point of a glass you can't put down anywhere?? Can you shove it point down into your plastic bamboo?

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:36:02 can get a life"

Codswallop Tue 04-May-04 12:36:31

lol pandas marauding the plain

ks Tue 04-May-04 12:39:03

Message withdrawn

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