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Removable stairgate

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beast616 Sun 31-May-15 09:16:19

We have stairgates at the top and bottom of our stairs, but recently we've gone to no side on DD's cotbed and it is going well with the exception of her now having figured out how to open her bedroom door. This is fine in the mornings, but not so much when she doesn't want to go to bed and leaps out the second we kiss her goodnight, opens her door, and runs to the top of the stairs screaming for us.

So we put the lower stairgate on her bedroom door, which still means a scream, but only for a few mins before she toddles off to bed herself - it must be not being able to yell directly downstairs that makes the difference.

Anyway, the frustrating thing about this is her tendency (though nice that she is safety conscious) of insisting that she close the gates every time she goes through. This great for the stairs themselves, but annoying as heck when she's constantly locking herself in her room and calls to be let out. So I'm trying to find a stairgate/safetygate that is almost like a portcullis in that the gate portion can be removed without removing the frame attached/pressured into the door frame. That way it can remain off during the day, then be slotted in at bedtime.

Any ideas?

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