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Copper kitchenaid or white kitchenaid with copper bowl?

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lawlie Thu 28-May-15 10:11:26

I am on the market for a KA and to my bank manager's misfortune, have come across this one:

(My kitchen is white with copper handles).

Does anyone own one and if so, how long (if ever) did it take you to get over the 30% mark-up on price just for the colour? I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it... confused

The alternative is to buy a white classic K45 KA, and buy a copper bowl from French Copper Studio (so about £500 in total).

I'll be upfront and admit that the aesthetics of my kitchen are almost as important as the cooking!

Any thoughts? Also, if anyone owns the classic, what's it like with bready dough? I don't usually bake bread but would do the odd sweet/desserty bread buns.

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