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Is the Tripp Trapp highchair REALLY worth it?

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Wills Sat 01-May-04 18:38:20

I need a new highchair but don't know whether or not to go for a Tripp Trapp. On the upside it would be good later on for dd2 to always be able to sit at a good height at the table, on the downside I'm concerned that I wont be able to move it easily around the place. When I started to look I was only considering one that folds flat by simply picking up. Now that we're approaching summer I often like to sit outside with the kids to eat meals however given the unpredictability of the weather I need a chair that can be moved in and out of the house with relative ease. The Tripp Trapp looks heavy and cumbersome - is it?

batgirl Sat 01-May-04 20:17:14

Have been lurking for a little while & am just gaining confidence to begin posting - but cannot resist one of my fav subjects!! I love Tripp Trapps

They are less portable than a fold up high chair but no heavier or more cumbersome than an ordinary dining chair, we have regularly carried them outside. Perhaps you could get a second hand fold up high chair for outside?

I will rave for hours about them, given half a chance, so will try to limit my eulogies... we bought our first one for DD (on the recommendation of an Alexander Technique teacher friend whose much older DD still happily used one) when DD was about 3yrs - her ability to sit still at the table and concentrate on eating/drawing etc increased immeasureably (sorry, I'm sure that's sp wrongly!)

I would def reccommend for long term use (we bought no. 2 chair when DS was beginning to sit) & both still use them with great benefit (9 & 6 yrs)

TW Sat 01-May-04 20:44:52

Think there's already a thread on this, quite recent.
I have 3 Tripp Trapps and they are brilliant. The best thing, I think is that they look great just tucked into the table with other chairs, and you don't have to find a corner to shove them into when not in use. Particularly useful when they start getting a bit independent as they actually CAN sit up by themselves so you won't get screamed at for trying to help!

yamamoto Sat 01-May-04 20:45:25

Bought ours as an ex demo from Daisy and Tom, staff told us the Beckhams have a number!! How many things do you buy for babies can still be used into their early teens? Top high chair!

annh Sat 01-May-04 20:45:28

Another Tripp Trapp advocate here, we bought one for ds1 when he was 2 and driving us mad at table with wriggling, not concentrating etc. The improvement in his behaviour at table was immediate, because he was closer to the table I think he felt part of mealtimes and being able to adjust the height means we are still using it now that he is almost 6. Ds2, just 3, also uses his very happily.

maisystar Sat 01-May-04 21:14:53

my ds had highchair from ikea that was £10!! was great, sit at same height as you at table which is why i bought it. he probably couldnt fit in it now (is 3.6) but uses normal chair quite happily and my nephew has the highchair now.

how much is the tripp trapp? dare i ask....!

Hulababy Sat 01-May-04 21:28:48

We adore our Tripp Trapp and wouldn't get anything other now. Yes, it is expensive (ours was neary £140 with baby set and cushons) but worth every penny. And it'll last for years. I love the fact that DD is sat with us at the table as it is so social and teaches her table skills from the start. Also, we use the chair for painting, playdoh, etc at the table, and at the computer too. She is 24 months now and we took the baby kit of 2 or 3 months ago and it is fab. DD adores HER chair.

Wills Sat 01-May-04 22:33:21

Yes but.... East Coast do a similar chair for £49.99 (Kiddicare) however it will only support a child up until the age of 10. Is it realistic that a child will still be using this chair 11+???? East Coast are half the price of Tripp Trapp.

treacletart Sat 01-May-04 23:18:31

DS is 10m, so can't vouch for long term effects yet, but I love ours. Its a handsome design,we slide it, on wooden floors, from kitchen to living-room with ease - its super sturdy and we have the rosewood version so it doesnt look crazy playschool alongside our regular furniture.

binkie Sat 01-May-04 23:42:24

Another fan, and re Wills' last question (hoping I don't sound weird) I use ours (obviously beyond baby stage) myself when doing sewing or something that needs a bit of height and close attention - far better than dining chair. I've seen dh using one as a bar stool too, he weighs rather more than a 10 yr old - chair copes fine.

Only warning is - if you've got wooden floors - get some of those felt buttons from Lakeland to put underneath, as the long base can scratch. Stops it being quite as thumpy to move, too.

Hulababy Sun 02-May-04 08:38:29

The Tripp Trapp is also one of best (only?) chair recognised for being so good for posture, and encouraging the child to sit in right position, etc. And the fact that it can be altered so much - seat and foot plate - is great as DD is always comfortable in it and her feet always supported rather than just dangling below her.Have to say when we have had houseful - parties and Christmas, etc - adults have been known to use it as an extra seat. They have been fine on it too, although not really set up like that just yet as Dd is just 2.

ragtaggle Sun 02-May-04 09:08:07

Another advocate. I bought mine for two reasons

1) I like the idea of my baby sitting at the table with us - not separated by their own table
2) They blend in so well with your furniture/look so nice that you never have to put them away

Mine is just a piece of furniture round my kitchen table. It isn't heavy at all - about the same as a kitchen chair and we've taken it outside several times. We've bought one of those ten pound cloth jobs to take away with us because the tripp trapp definitely isn't that portable for travelling/visiting.

Earlybird Sun 02-May-04 13:39:51

Bought one for dd, and am a real fan. It's comfortable for her, and I like the fact that I don't have a giant white molded high chair sitting in the lounge.

One problem do you clean the fabric seat covers? Perhaps I am being dim (not unheard of!), but as far as I can tell, it would entail partially taking the chair apart to remove the covers???? At the moment, I just spray/scrub with spot remover, but would much prefer to bung seat covers in the washing machine. What's the answer?

Hulababy Sun 02-May-04 14:03:46

We have got rid of our covers now but used to just push the wooden harness bit out (it is flexible enough to do this) to slide the black leather strap off - then the seat cushion comes off. Once DD got to about a 14 months we got rid of the cushions.

yamamoto Sun 02-May-04 14:21:06

agree about cushions! Just remembered another reason we got one.. impossible to tip over - they just slide back on ski like runners... Imagine with a legged high chair no matter what the leg angle there is a point where they tip

LIZS Sun 02-May-04 15:05:07

We like ours mainly because it blends in so well as less obviously a highchair. Also dd liked being able to sit up at the table. Our dining area has doors to the outside and we ate out there a lot last summer, moving the chair with little trouble. To take the cushion off I used to unscrew the frame a little with the allen key to release the bar and slide it off. Otherwise I did away with the crotch strap before the bar and had no problems.

Yamamoto, we did have one tipping incident but dd is very supple and hoiked her feet up level with the table top. She hasn't done it since!

lou33 Sun 02-May-04 15:11:21

The special needs highchair that ds2 has is almost identical to a tripp trapp. We think it is the bees knees.

yamamoto Mon 03-May-04 10:45:11

tried to tip ours over this morning at breakfast but it would only slide, we have sandstone floors so I guess soft floor furnishing may provide more friction..? (and a softer landing..)

cazzybabs Mon 03-May-04 10:54:18

We never got the cushion set, just the chair and the baby set, but we love it too!!

moodyzebra Mon 03-May-04 10:56:30

I suppose to do this thread properly you really want to hear about alternatives -- aren't there a few to the TripTrapp -- I mean, there are similar products, and very different ones that might do fine. What features do you really want, Wills?

jennifersofia Mon 03-May-04 22:06:15

Tripp Trapp is also very easy to wipe clean - which is essential! Never bothered with the cloth cushions myself. Haven't had tipping problems despite many attempts by dd's. I know the alternatives are cheaper, and this sounds silly, but I just like the look of the TT better. I thought, if we have to look at it 24/7 (no room for storage and our dining area is in our living area) I want to like the way it looks! I have had a few shin bruises from it, but I am a bit of a clumsy person.

hana Tue 04-May-04 18:43:54

havne't read replies, sorry if I'm repeating


bought it when dd was 6 months
so easy to clean
it used to go outside when she was younger, not heavy or cumbersome to move
expensive but worth the money
fits nicely under the table and doens't take up loads of space
bought the padding, but returned them after I made my own

did you decide to get one yet?

pollyanna Tue 04-May-04 18:53:09

I have used tripp trapp chairs for all 3 of my children and think they are brilliant - look good, easy to clean etc. However, dd2(14mo)does push her legs against the table and can almost tip the chair backwards(I haven't left her to do it, but I'm sure she can) - and I have heard stories about them tipping. We didn't have any problems with ds and dd1 though.

Hulababy Tue 04-May-04 18:57:13

jennifersofia - not silly at all and one of the reasons we bought ours. Our kitchen/dining area is part of the main living area too so it was an important criteria for us.

babyburps Mon 21-Mar-05 12:36:41

...just to dig up this old thread is there any real fundamental differences betwen the stokke tripp trapp and the babydan dan chair? ...appart from the price obviously!

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