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Help! Need a new fridge lock that works before I go bonkers!

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twogorgeousboys Sat 01-May-04 10:43:10

Have bought a variety of fridge locks in the past and finally found one from Ikea that worked. Anyway, bought new fridge and therefore needed new lock. Apparently Ikea don't produce the fridge lock anymore, so have bought 2 which are complete failures. Fed up with wasting money and finding milk, eggs and tomato ketchup all over the floor.

What fridge lock works for you - don't worry if you can't remember the brand name, just where it came from will help.

lydialemon Sat 01-May-04 11:14:25

I never found one that worked I'm afraid, we ended up putting a childgate across the door to kitchen, until the yelling sunk in!

MadameButterfly Sat 01-May-04 11:14:47

I just bouhjy a fridge lock from boots that does the job

stripey Sun 02-May-04 12:41:12

I also have a gate on my kitchen door, saves having cupboard/fridge locks etc and I can keep the gate closed if I go upstairs or if I am cooking and the oven is hot. Also stops kids running into the house from the garden full of mud or sand as they can't get through the gate.

muddaofsuburbia Sun 02-May-04 13:34:47

John Lewis - their own brand. It came in one of those safety multipacks, but I'm sure you can buy it separately. Although, I'm now the only one in the whole family who can open the blummin thing now

twogorgeousboys Sun 02-May-04 23:17:51

Thanks for those recommendations everyone - will give them a try. Have already got a gate at the kitchen door, but do still need the fridgelock.

geogteach Mon 03-May-04 19:48:09

Have to say never found one that DS couldn't open. He used to go to the freezer and remove an appropriate number of fishfingers and smiley faces and put them in a baking tray. that wasn't too bad until he led his chums in a raid on the freezer at a friends house - he was busy searching for a baking tray while his 'less experienced' friends were busy tucking into the frozen titbits they'd nicked - it was very amusing when we found them all!

jennifersofia Mon 03-May-04 21:58:34

Another vote for the John Lewis one. DD stopped trying after two goes.

twogorgeousboys Sun 09-May-04 19:43:04

Have bought a fridge lock from Boots - actually it was a multi-purpose one and yippee it works - even me and dh struggle to open it!

Thank you - am now a bit less bonkers.

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