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Fold up toilet trainer seat/steps - I want one!

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nellie245 Fri 30-Apr-04 21:39:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

champs Fri 30-Apr-04 23:46:55

they are brill arent they!!
had one for ds1 and just got rid of it or I would have let you have it
I got it from :index

also found some here:
multi stage
musical fisher price one
another musical one

nellie245 Sat 01-May-04 09:19:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsjingles Sat 01-May-04 09:29:59

Hi nellie245,

I know exactly the type you mean, they are absolutely brilliant, I got mine from Argos but it's a shame they don't sell them anymore.

It might be worth checking on ebay if any come up there, I know they do sometimes because I've just sold my old one on there and the lady who bought it was really chuffed as she said they don't come up very often.

Hope you find one, they really make the child feel independant don't they, but they know they won't fall down the toilet!!! Good luck

nellie245 Sat 01-May-04 14:09:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

champs Sat 01-May-04 18:02:08

hi nellie!! i think maybe i dont know the one you mean!! was it more like steps than a step stool? sorry for geeting hopes up
have you thought about getting the two seat toilet seats? it has an adult size seat and a toddler size seat?

the only thing I can think of is this
or getting a standard toilet trainer and using step stool

champs Sat 01-May-04 18:05:04

how old is your little boy? and how old is your friend's new baby? how long will it be before the baby will need it? if it's a while it may save you money to use your friends one and by the time she needs it back your son may be fully trained.

nellie245 Sat 01-May-04 20:57:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

champs Sun 02-May-04 17:45:14

ohhhhh!! it's lovely!!! (Just realised I have gone all excited over a potty!!! how sad am i??!!)

and it went for a good price to.
my ds1 has a skinny bum too and def needed something, it was a real phobia of his that he would drop in the toilet and get flushed down the drain!! bless.

the two seat toilet seat is a bit pricey but ds2 will be able to use it later on so figured it would be neede for next 5 years or so, plus we needed a new seat, it took ages to track down the white one. I just closed my eyes and handed over my card

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