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Has anyone had a photograph turned into a canvas?

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sandyballs Mon 06-Nov-06 10:51:15

Are you pleased with it, where did you get it done. I haven't got the negative for this photo and it's not on my digital camera, just a plain ordinary photograph, so is that possible to turn into a canvas or do they require digital stuff these days? I've got a beautiful photo of my DDs that I would love to turn into a canvas.

nutcracker Mon 06-Nov-06 10:53:00

Oh i was wondering this too. They do it in a shop by me but will they let you use pics that were taken prfesionally though do you think ?? Thought they may moan about copyright.

DelGirl Mon 06-Nov-06 10:55:44

Asda do them but I don't know the quality. Have a look online. Very reasonable though.

AussieSim Mon 06-Nov-06 11:08:59

They should be able to print a photo from your negative and then they would have it digitally and then you can get them to check the quality and what size it would be advisable to have it printed onto canvas - which is more forgiving than normal photo paper. They can also fix or improve the photo in some editing software, photoshop for example. My personal preference is for sepia or black and white over colour as I think that they age more gracefully and that the cringe factor over the 'style' doesn't set in so quickly the way it can with colour.

Neena28 Mon 06-Nov-06 11:14:10

I know the people behind this site and in my experience they are very good!

photo stuff direct

Nice blokes too!

mamijacacalys Mon 06-Nov-06 11:47:03

Im noticed NEXT are now offering this service but I don't know how good the canvasses are etc.

2tigger Tue 21-Oct-08 09:27:44

"Has anyone had a photograph turned into a canvas?"

Yes, and my recommendation is to stay away from cheap eBay prints, as there is a difference in quality between different providers (I've tried both types).

"where did you get it done"

I used Highly recommended, as the result was great.

"just a plain ordinary photograph, so is that possible to turn into a canvas?"

You will need to scan it first and then upload to the canvas print provider of your choice. Do remember to scan into a high resolution picture, i.e. big file.

nicolamumof3 Tue 21-Oct-08 09:35:02

i actually had mine done in a camera shop, the service was excellent as they could show me it in different sizes, whether i wanted it cropped etc, had 2/3 done now they are lovely.

MimieD Tue 21-Oct-08 11:35:46

I have two canvasses from Next - visitors always comment how wonderful they are. One is in colour, one B&W.

MimieD Tue 21-Oct-08 11:36:48

Oh, just read you just have the picture (not digital) - don't think you will get the same quality from a scanned picture - I would go to a photographer to ask for advise...

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