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cant find a Christening Rubber Stamp!!!!

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champs Thu 29-Apr-04 19:02:38

anyone know where I can get one, either online or shop in

GillW Thu 29-Apr-04 19:51:52

Like this - or do you want one with a picture/design on it?

champs Thu 29-Apr-04 20:09:18

thanx gill!!! that's what I need.
i saw one exactly like this for £3 but it's out of stock and wont be in on time... oh well serves me right for leaving it so long.

might have a look in swaps.

GillW Thu 29-Apr-04 21:45:56

There's always this , which gives you that one and 4 more for £3.50 if you don't mind Ebay, or this .

champs Thu 29-Apr-04 23:41:56


juniper68 Fri 30-Apr-04 17:15:52

Have you tried Boyes?

Janstar Fri 30-Apr-04 17:28:28

What about Hobbycraft?

champs Fri 30-Apr-04 17:59:14

thanks you three!! I have decided to buy some peeloffs instead!! the thought of stamping and embossing 50+ invites was too much

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