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Tomy Discovery Forget Me Not Photo Album help!!!

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naziakhansubs Mon 13-Apr-15 13:56:12

Hi Mums,
Got bunch load of toys from a charity shop for my baby but sadly many did not work after putting the new batteries. The Tomy toy album does make sounds when i flip the pages but have no clue how to record. I have opened all possible screws on the toy.
Please help, I really want this one to work.

LateToTheParty Mon 13-Apr-15 14:10:02

The butterfly shaped one?
Photo of the instructions from ours, let me know if it's not clear enough.

naziakhansubs Mon 13-Apr-15 14:34:13

Thanks for sharing but the image is not readable for me, would appreciate if you could send me a bigger image please.

LateToTheParty Mon 13-Apr-15 14:54:29

Hi I've uploaded it to my profile pictures, but the resolution has been lowered on it there too, so might not be much clearer. If you private message me your email address, I'll reply with the image.

chawkin9 Thu 17-Dec-15 13:42:08

Do you still have these instructions please? Could you email the file to me if I PM you Thanks.

NORTYNOZ Thu 18-Feb-16 03:13:04

Hi there I'm also missing the instructions for the photo album...does anyone out there have a copy please, thanks in advance!!

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