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really need to buy a stroller fo me please!!!

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pammy109 Wed 28-Apr-04 16:36:46

Hi everyone.We are about to embark on our first holiday abroad to disneyland paris with our two daughters.One is 5 and the other is 1.Really want to buy an umbrella folding stroller/buggy but can't decide.I would prefer one with a raincover(it might rain) that doesn't clip onto the actual stroller but one that zips onto the hood or just goes over the buggy.Any suggestions.I have seen the new maclaren volo stroller which does this on a website for £37.00.Is it any good though?
All help will be really appreciated.
Thank you!


LIZS Wed 28-Apr-04 16:44:27

£37 for a volo sounds good but you have to buy the hood and raincover pack separately iirc. We're also going to Disneyland Paris soon and you can hire strollers at the gate. As we are driving will probably take ours anyway and/or back carrier.

officerdibble Wed 28-Apr-04 16:48:03

We bought the maclaren volo for a recent trip to London - very pleased with it. Well made and easy to use and manoeuvre about. DS is 1. Can't comment on the accessories though as they didn't get used - you have to purchase them separately which adds on about £30 if I recall correctly. £37 sounds like a good deal for the buggy itself, I paid £50

fairydust Wed 28-Apr-04 17:24:20

id say the maclaren quest as it comes with a hood n rain cover and it lies flatish to babs can go to sleep have it in for £69.99

misdee Wed 28-Apr-04 17:28:45

the triumph is good as well. got a carry handle on it, is light, come with hood and raincover which folds up and sits in the basket. and lies back a bit so they can sleep. think i paid around 70 for mine, but u may get it cheaper elsewhere (mine was mothercare)

Lisa78 Wed 28-Apr-04 17:29:35

I've bought the Mothercare jive pushchair to take on hols, but the rainhood and sunparasol I have for my main pushchair clip on to that one
Its £30 I think, its good, lightweight, got a bit of a carrying handle thingy, easy enuf to put up and down and doesn't take up much room! Does just what it says on the tin!

gloworm Wed 28-Apr-04 17:32:16

mothercare buggy £29.99 and i think separate raincover was £12. bought it a year ago and think its excellent value for money. folds up very small, very bright colour so easy to pick out from others at airport baggage claim etc. thers a review of it elsewhere on mumsnet (best buys section, i think)

Yorkiegirl Thu 29-Apr-04 14:57:34

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Thu 29-Apr-04 15:05:58

We have the Maclaren Volo and it was fab when wee took it on holiday - so light for carrying and the mesh seat is great it you get caught in a shower as it dries quickly. And it hot weather its good as the mesh lets the air get ina nd out, so little gets less sweaty.

We paid £50 for ours so agree that £37 is good. We didn't bother with the accessories, they really aren't necessary IMO. If you need a waterproof get the basic Mothercare one. I am retty sure it fits and it's less than £10. And you can get a cheap parasol for the sun anywhere too. All much cheaper than the Volo ones.

Volo definietly gets my vote. It is, by far, the lightest stroller around. It looks good - DH hates those bright colours and patterns. It's easy to fold up and put up again. But the brakes are typical Maclaren ones, so not great.

secur Thu 29-Apr-04 15:07:42

Message withdrawn

secur Thu 29-Apr-04 15:09:35

Message withdrawn

moniker Thu 29-Apr-04 15:13:58

What about the Graco one that comes in red or blue and has a rain cover included foraround £40? I've got one and it's great - has a sun canopy and then the rain cover throws over the top. I got it from Argos. It also is lightweight, has swivel wheels and a carry handle too.

marialuisa Thu 29-Apr-04 16:51:12

Got a Maclaren Volo for our 3 yr old via Kiddicare for travels (israeli customs are something else!) and friend borrowed it for her 1 year old. We're both very happy. Haven't got hood etc as isn't really necessary for us!

pammy109 Thu 29-Apr-04 18:34:12

Thank you everyone for your input.I think i will go for the Maclaren Volo.It got good reviews and plus it's light and easy to use which is a bonus when you are on hols.
Thanks again and i will let you know how i find it.


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