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Urgent!! Is it knackered?

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nightowl Tue 27-Apr-04 14:24:42

My fridge is making a very strange buzzing noise today. its quite old but never done it before. im a bit worried about the baby's bottles. Is it knackered do you think? if so i need to get a new one pronto before it goes completely!

ponygirl Tue 27-Apr-04 15:02:47

It's probably not a good sign, but it might not mean its gone yet. When our last one went, it just went, stopped working, turned into a cupboard. Bought a new one from comet, I think, and the delivery time was quite quick. Mind you, it was January, so it wasn't such a big issue! Have you got/can you get a fridge thermometer just to keep an eye on things for the sake of the bottles? And maybe start looking at new ones just in case...

Janstar Tue 27-Apr-04 15:11:16

It could just be something inside or nearby vibrating. I would check for two bottles vibrating together or something on top maybe.

But the fact that the weather has just become so much warmer is worrying because if the fridge is coming to the end of its life that can be the factor that puts on additional strain and finishes it off.

nightowl Tue 27-Apr-04 15:25:52

have checked for possible causes of vibration but theres nothing inside and only a worktop feels like its throwing out a lot of heat aswell. I can feel a trip to the electrical store coming on...better safe than sorry i guess.

marthamoo Tue 27-Apr-04 15:33:04

Get a fridge thermometer, they only cost a couple of pounds, and then you can check the running temperature is OK (below 5 degrees celsius). They do give off quite a bit of heat at the back.

Ixel Tue 27-Apr-04 15:40:36

The noise may just be the fan working overtime in the heat, so all may be ok. I worked in a place once where the funny noise was due to a mouse stuck in the fan at the bottom... If it's very dodgy, get some individual cartons of milk to use until it's sorted. I know they cost more...about 50p per 250ml carton, but at least you dont need a fridge.

nightowl Tue 27-Apr-04 16:14:55

A mouse! ewwww...i hate to think!

maryz Tue 27-Apr-04 21:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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