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Pop up books

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pamina Fri 12-Apr-02 21:42:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bozza Fri 12-Apr-02 22:11:43

DS (aged 13 months)has got a book called Lamb's Friends which he loves. Its pull out rather than pop-up (ie all lamb's friends are hiding). I got it from Asda for £3.99. I will see if I can sneak into his room to find more details!!

ScummyMummy Fri 12-Apr-02 22:51:32

I really like "Charlie the Chicken"- no flaps but a pop up per page.

Tinker Fri 12-Apr-02 23:01:19

Oh yes, Charlie the Chicken was one of my, I mean, my daughter's faves too.

She still loves Jimmy's Sunny Book and Jimmy's Snowy Book (I think that's what they're called) I know that they are out of print but you can pick them up in The Works.

MandyD Fri 12-Apr-02 23:13:00

The 'Buster' series of books by Rod Campbell are great, they illustrate everyday situations like playgroup, housework, playing, gardening etc. and as they're just lift the flap rather than pop-up they're fairly indestructable (or easy to repair). My son at 3 still can't be trusted with pop-ups!!

Janus Sat 13-Apr-02 12:02:56

Mike Inkpen does some lovely pop-up books. My daughter loves Wibbly Pig's Garden and Where oh where is Kipper's Bear (expensive though - about £13 if I remember correctly). She has a box of books and pulls these out time and time again, literally flicks through them until she gets to them. She's 21 months but I think it would be fine for a 1 year old too.

honeybunny Sat 13-Apr-02 13:40:48

Spot on Janus, my ds has loved "Where, oh Where is Kippers Bear" since he was about 9months old, and still does (now 17mo). Likewise, Wibbly Pig. Buster has also been popular, especially Buster's Day! All highly recommended!

bea Sat 13-Apr-02 13:44:20

i love Wibbly Pig... i just love the sound of his name and also i love the drawings! - just bought where is wibbly pig online and am waiting for it to arrive!!!... although i must say i think i love him more than dd does and i buy them more for me than her!!!

sis Sun 14-Apr-02 14:37:27

Jo Lodge's Patch and Poppy books are great with lots of pulling tabs, turning wheels, lift up flaps and a pop-up on the last page. there are some good Spot the dog pop-up books too.

BTW, we got a free wibbly pig when we ordered the books from a book club and he is as cute as in the books and just the right size for little toddlers to hold and play with!

Bron Mon 15-Apr-02 09:46:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fp Mon 15-Apr-02 09:55:17

How about 'If you see a Mouse', or 'Incy Spider' or our own favourite, 'Dear Zoo'. All very popular at 1 yr and still now at 2!

bundle Mon 15-Apr-02 11:51:59

my dd's favourites at that age were the small, sturdy Maisy books - where does maisy live? etc and soon after that onto Maisy's big flap book - which unfortunately had far flimsier flaps and she saw quite a few of them off...but I try not to get too precious about books, a well-read (ie almost trashed!) one is surely a good sign

Janus Mon 15-Apr-02 13:20:21

Ah Bundle, forgot about Maisy (how could I?!). Mine loves the big flap book and, although some of it is hanging on by sellotape now (as with Wibly!), I agree that at least it's getting used!

soothepoo Mon 15-Apr-02 16:20:16

Sis - which book club was it? Dd is a big fan of Wibbly Pig, and everything else Mick Inkpen does.

sis Tue 16-Apr-02 14:37:58

it was part of the joining offer at the time for worldbooks - the can be found on

I don't know if the offer is still running as we got our wibbly about 12-18 months ago.

bea Tue 16-Apr-02 18:58:30

ooohh!!! look what i've managed to find

wibbly pig!

he's sooo cute!

bea Tue 16-Apr-02 18:59:00

ooohh!!! look what i've managed to find

wibbly pig!

he's sooo cute!

Art Tue 16-Apr-02 19:33:46

bea - How cute - I MUST have one!

I collect the characters from storybooks to use with my class of 5yo s.

Has anyone else got ideas of book characters that I could buy to accompany the books.

soothepoo Wed 17-Apr-02 09:12:16

Sis - thanks for that but as you say the offer was a while ago, so I'll probably buy the one Bea found on Amazon - he's GORGEOUS!!
Art - dd has a Kipper toy that she adores - got it at an Ottakars book shop. I've also seen a Maisy toy there too, although those stories are probably too young for 5 year olds.

Art Wed 17-Apr-02 12:59:00

Thanks Soothepoo,

I think my Mum has got an Ottakers near her - maybe I ll see if she can have a look for me.

pamina Wed 17-Apr-02 13:33:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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