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Which portable high chair?

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toddlerbob Fri 23-Apr-04 00:20:21

We are going on a city break just as ds is at that "I want to do it myself" eating stage. He has a massive appetite and so needs a bowl of something as well as crackers, fruit etc. The apartment we are staying at cannot provide a high chair (more fool them when they see that state of their dining chair afterwards!). Out and about we can get a highchair no probs so it would be staying at the apartment. Recommendations from wise travellers appreciated.

PS Ds will be 15 months, is small for his age and we are travelling by plane.

whymummy Fri 23-Apr-04 07:02:17

have you seen the ones they sell in mothercare?they look like a case but you unzip it and inflate the cushion and it becomes a highchair with straps to secure it to a normal chair,is small and easy to carry

GillW Fri 23-Apr-04 13:36:12

Depends what else you want to use it for. As the proud posessor of a whole variety of travel highchairs/equivalents....

We had one of those inflatable ones which is what we were using for out-and-about when ds was 15 months as it didn't take up a lot of room.

We also have a bolt-on-to-the-table type, which was great - mostly when he was a bit smaller/lighter, but no good if the place you are going to turns out have a glass table, or one with only a center pedestal.

We also have one of the plastic fold-up booster type seats, which we actually used at home for quite a while as ds prefered eating at the table to being in a high chair. Might be reasonable bet for you as there's a future use at home for it too.

Last, but not least, we had a lightweight travel highchair from Toys'r'us which mostly lived at MiL's house for visits, but we also took away with is if going by car. Probably not good for travelling by air though unless you have a large suitcase/reasonably generous luggage allowance.

Mo2 Fri 23-Apr-04 13:41:32

we've got one of the inflatable type ones - used it on hols last year when DS2 was only about 10 months old.Adv: great portability; disadvantage is that they're quite 'flimsy' on the sides - certainly couldn't leave a child unattended for a second - especially if the chair it's fitted too doesn't have any arms..
we also have the fold up booster sort which is great, and like GillW we use that (still) at home.

Let me know if you're interested in the inflatable sort - DS2's probably outgrown ours now, and it will be heading for eBay soon anyway...

marialuisa Fri 23-Apr-04 13:58:14

We had the one Whymummy describes from mothercare think it's First Steps or something? Was great fpr travelling but looked manky very quickly and didn't clean up well.

geekgrrl Fri 23-Apr-04 16:01:03

the handysitt has got great reviews on mumsnet 'find the best..'. We've also got the inflatable jobbie and I agree - it's a bit too flimsy really. I quite like the mothercare folding one - at least you can hose it down in the shower afterwards and the child is properly restrained with tray etc.

bluebear Fri 23-Apr-04 16:37:43

I've got a fabric one similar to this
it's small enough to pack in a handbag and basically velcros the baby to the chair.Mine was from GLTC and was about £16.

bluebear Fri 23-Apr-04 16:39:29

oooh I've found it now...\lonk\here{}

bluebear Fri 23-Apr-04 16:40:13

grrrr I mean here!

Tetley Fri 23-Apr-04 16:46:45

We were given one of the cloth ones, but never found it much use - it didn't seem very comfortable. We've got one of the plastic folding ones (from MOthercare) which we use at home & on holiday - it's great, but I don't know if it'd be a bit bulky to take on a plane - perhaps the inflatable one would be best.

The other thing we have in our nappy bag all the time, just in case, is one of the Mothercare walking harnesses, which also comes with these extra clips to use to stap the harness onto a chair. It's been invaluable on holiday, but may not be much use to you if your ds needs to reach the table.

codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 20:56:40

and here

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