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bunk beds

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jimmychoos Thu 22-Apr-04 13:57:21

Views on this please. I have a 4 year old ds and 19 mth dd. DD sleeps well in her cot in her own room. The plan at the moment is to move them in together when dd is old enough to go in a bed (she is 2 in Sept and we moved ds up when he was 2). DS really wants DD in his room now - they shared a room on holiday and he loved the company. DD is obsessed with beds and keeps wanting to sleep in DS's bed. DP thinks we should just get bunk beds now, and move DD into the bottom bunk with a bed rail. he thinks once ds starts school in september he'll start to get more territorial about 'his' room and 'his' things (not at all the case at the moment) and we should do it sooner rather than later. What do you all think?

secur Thu 22-Apr-04 14:12:07

Message withdrawn

roisin Thu 22-Apr-04 14:12:41

I agree with the 'sooner rather than later' comment, but if DD is happy in her cot it really is easier to keep her in it longer. Can you squeeze the cot into ds's room, and at least let them share a room. (Maybe move some of the toys into dd's room if space is an issue?)

We got the bunks when ds2 was 18 months, (as ds1 had been fed up of his cot at that age), and squeezed them into their tiny bedroom with the cot. But in the event ds2 didn't tire of his cot for another 12 months.

Btw our two moved in together when ds2 was 6 wks, and nearly 5 years on they still love sharing

jimmychoos Thu 22-Apr-04 19:51:36

Roisin - I have thought of putting the cot in ds's room but it's quite a big cot and quite a small room! Maybe I'll get in there with my tape measure.....

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