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Name Tags For School Clothes?

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HiddenSpirit Wed 21-Apr-04 20:23:32

Anyone got any links on where to buy name tags to put in school clothes?

2nd week of school DS1's jumper got knicked and even though he told me who did it there was nothing I could do about it because it didn't have his name in it


LadyMuck Wed 21-Apr-04 20:34:03

Great Little Trading Company and Urchin do iron-on ones. Can't do links one-handed. Sorry.

tamum Wed 21-Apr-04 20:34:42

This is one of the worst websites I've come across, but the people are lovely and the service is great. McA Direct

spinningJ Wed 21-Apr-04 21:11:28 are excellent especially their iron on ones.

Codswallop Wed 21-Apr-04 21:11:53

laundry pens

john lewis

Janh Wed 21-Apr-04 21:14:05

I just write the name on the label with a permanent marker (if the labels aren't white, use a silver gel pen or a tipp-ex type pen). Much quicker and easier!

Some school clothes actually come with a label with a dotted line for the name now - down a side seam rather than at the neck, usually.

ponygirl Wed 21-Apr-04 21:16:10

letterbox do them too (I love Letterbox!)
Your school office might should be able to organise them too, which might be quicker.

islandgirl Wed 21-Apr-04 21:36:27 (sorry don't know how to do a link!) - do cash's sew on or stick on.

HiddenSpirit Wed 21-Apr-04 21:37:45

Thanks everyone

Will be going to buy him 2 new jumpers (another £16) from the school so may ask them about name tags (can't remember seeing a dotted line on his old one or that may have prompted me to put his name on it )

littlemissbossy Wed 21-Apr-04 21:38:14

just buy a laundry pen (permanent ink, should not wash off) from a haberdashery-type shop or supermarket - costs about £1 and you can just write on the label

Beetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 21:40:07

Message withdrawn

crystaltips Wed 21-Apr-04 21:46:00


Wait ....

You must have seen my previous post .... ( am I allowed to advertise my mates website )

Well please look here ...


It covers the following :

* Iron on Tags
* Dishwasher safe labels
* shoes stickers


Janh Wed 21-Apr-04 21:48:10

Oooh, love the funky feet - shoes are the worst for labelling!

KPB Wed 21-Apr-04 22:03:07

SpinningJ - I have loads of problems with my simplystuck labels coming off in the wash. I am following the instructions but can't see what I am doing wrong??? Thanks

Furball Wed 21-Apr-04 22:06:57

I've just got some rubber type ones that you iron on from Easy2name you can get samples of al the different types as well.

Twinkie Thu 22-Apr-04 10:56:20

Got mine from M&S Bromely - they print them out and you just iron them on - they haven't come off yet and weren't expensive.

Letterbox do them!!

ks Thu 22-Apr-04 11:03:51

Message withdrawn

Davros Thu 22-Apr-04 11:40:59

Definitely prefer to us a laundry pen, I think mine might be from Lakeland or John Lewis

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