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Colic product for breast-feeding mums

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Tibbs Thu 11-Apr-02 17:09:11

My baby had colic since she was brought home and it was very distressing for me and my husband as at first we thought she was hungry and that we were doing something wrong. My mid-wife told me it was colic and recommended a product to help. The problem was, I really wanted to continue breast-feeding so after a week a friend suggested Colief Infant Drops (Boots). I found it easy to use - you express about two teaspoons of breast milk into a sterilised container and then feed back to your baby with a sterilised plastic spoon and then continue breast feeding immediately. I tried the drops and over night my baby's condition improved - thank God!

Enid Thu 11-Apr-02 17:35:31

Tibbs, ah, you mean Tibbs who works for Boots marketing department?

honeybunny Thu 11-Apr-02 18:53:14

I found drinking Fennel tea helped enormously with a windy breastfed baby, and its recommended to help milk productivity too.

mears Thu 11-Apr-02 20:44:50

Colicynth ( I think that's how you spell it) granules are very good. You get them in most chemists. They are easier to manage for B/F babies because you put a few granules on the babies tongue. No need for mixing with milk. They can also be repeated until you get the desired effect ( every 5mins if my memory serves me well).

tanyaroy Wed 26-Mar-14 11:36:48

Another option to reduce colic would be one of these anti colic feeding bottles . the usual feeding bottles can have a lot of air trapped in them. Anti colic bottles are specially designed to reduce this. My friend had recommended this and I have ordered mine now.

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