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Cosatto pushchairs

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SonyaSingapore Wed 21-Apr-04 14:13:27

Has anyone used a Cosatto umbrella fold pushchair and can you recommend them? Even better can anyone compare them to the similar Maclarens? I've seen the Maclarens (we live overseas and Maclaren makes it here but not Cosatto) and there are quite a few things I don't like about them. I'm desperate to buy a good, relatively lightweight, umbrella fold pushchair that I can attach a buggy board or similar to, that has a decent shopping basket underneath, big enough wheels to make a comfy ride and easy manoevrability (sp?) so that I can push and turn it with one hand if necessary. The Cosatto ones look good on the websites, and I'm even thinking about buying online (maybe completely mad, buying a pushchair without test driving it, but I'm getting desperate and am not sure I can wait for my next UK trip!). So would appreciate any advice - thank you!

busybee123 Wed 21-Apr-04 14:26:05

i have a cossatto kiwi and a buggy board that fits really well onto it. costs about 80GBP. i much prefer it to the maclaren...more sturdy yet just as light

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