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Air powered helicopters

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Codswallop Wed 21-Apr-04 11:26:52

Got a friends dh one of these from M and S for his birthday. yOU pump it and it goes up.

wel imagine my suprise when it flew out of our garden and over our house? REALLY HIGH!

A great gift for dhs and older kids

ks Wed 21-Apr-04 11:30:05

Message withdrawn

Codswallop Wed 21-Apr-04 11:33:22

15 - oin the mens clothes section!
really good we squealed and it narrowly avoided a passing car

I mean really high!

Codswallop Wed 21-Apr-04 11:34:43

"Houston we have a problem"

SoupDragon Wed 21-Apr-04 11:39:44


I got Dh one of those stomp rocket things one year. He managed to get one over the roof of our house and into the road from about 100 feet down our back garden.

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