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traditional tin bucket and spade

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aloha Tue 20-Apr-04 16:20:25

Yes, it's trivial, but after last year's experience of boiling to death in France, we are going on a traditional bucket and spade holiday to Norfolk this year (bet it bloody rains the whole fortnight but that's another story...) and wanted a traditional bucket and spade set - you know, the tin bucket with bright printed seaside scenes on it and a wood and tin spade. Do such things exist anymore? And if so, where can I get one? TIA all

GillW Tue 20-Apr-04 17:08:09

I think Hawkin used to do them - but I can't see them on their site at the moment.

Davros Tue 20-Apr-04 19:05:26

Yes, I remember them in Hawkin. Also try Tridias

aloha Tue 20-Apr-04 19:24:02

Ooh, thanks.

tamum Tue 20-Apr-04 19:28:28

I remembered the Hawkin one too, fat lot of use, eh. The Tridias website has been undergoing renovation for months now. I thought Letterbox might have done them but I just looked and can't see any sign. I wonder if they fall foul of some safety law?

treacletart Tue 20-Apr-04 20:34:48

OK - don't get too excited because theres no seaside scenes on them - but how about these spades, shovels and pails ...

Twinkie Thu 22-Apr-04 10:52:17

Letterbox do do a gardening set with a tim bucket and spade in I am sure - got their new catalogue yesterday and sure I saw one!!!

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