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anyone got a Dyson 05 cylinder hoover?

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Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 10:09:55

I cnat reassemble ours that we have had int he loft.

How do you fit the long hose to the brush bottom bit? I have got he top of the hose into the actual machine but cant attach the bottom bit to the wand

Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 10:13:39

come on guys I felel the need to hoover!

Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 10:16:58


melsy Tue 20-Apr-04 10:18:26

Ive got tht hoover but sorry cod , wouldbnt have a clue. Im normally the one that brakes them!!

AAhhh that why you wnat a grrrrrr face!!!

Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 10:30:58

ooh go and look please!

how does hte hose fit onto the brush?

I have these big white plastic ends

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