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Where is a good place to buy a new bed then?

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Polgara2 Sun 28-Dec-14 09:04:04

Want to buy the dds new beds but it's ages since we bought any so could do with some recommendations please? They both want small doubles which some places don't do unfortunately.

Also are metal or wooden frames best? Or has anyone got one of those ottoman thingys that lift up?

Tia smile

MonsoonAlan Sun 28-Dec-14 09:07:58

I'm looking for a new bed at the moment.
Have tried:
John Lewis
House of Fraser
Benson beds

Loaf does the most beautiful beds but their showroom is a huge PITA to get to. If anyone knows somewhere that does beds like theirs I'd be grateful (teensy hi jack grin)

Allice Sun 28-Dec-14 09:12:16

My sister works for dreams, not sure if they do small doubles and delivery always seems very long to me.

I had both my kids beds made for us at the local pine place, they do them anyway but I had a slight modification, they've made other things for me too and aren't expensive compared to furniture stores. The beds are solid pine, I have them painted which they did for me. They'll last for years.
It's worth talking to your local pine furniture place, ours are really good.

sleepdodger Sun 28-Dec-14 09:29:46


AmandaTanen Sun 28-Dec-14 09:31:07

We ordered our new wooden bed from dreams, delivery was a week but that was for a day that suited us, we also got interest free credit. They came on time and built the bed for us. Would recommend.

unlucky83 Sun 28-Dec-14 09:42:35

I don't like divan type beds - prefer wooden frame. Divan type I think are a waste of storage space even with drawers and also you can't put shoes/slippers underneath -have to leave them next to the bed.(And when you wake up half asleep in the middle of night desperate for the loo, not bothered to put slippers on you trip over them).
I think you need good underbed storage boxes that you can slide out and don't come to close to the edge (slipper space and can't be seen unless room is massive). You could stick castors on something wooden. When mine were little I had an old desk/table top on castors for their train set I kept under the bed. Plastic boxes on carpet pull out easily anyway. The boxes need lids and the plastic boxes (I have) are all patterned/have wide narrow channels on the top I would prefer something smooth - easier to just quickly wipe over to dust.
Beds with a big space underneath do gather more dust but are easier to hoover under - whereas divans do still accumulate dust but you have to move the whole thing to get underneath.
And the ottoman type - never had one but to get into it you have to lift the whole bed - so only useful for bedding when you are changing the bed so it is stripped anyway...otherwise the duvet and pillows are going to fall off..
Not bought a new bed for ages (our wooden frame one is 20+ yrs old - girls got secondhand good quality wooden bunks just new mattresses) no recommendations. Mattresses came from a local independent shop - we could do with a new mattress but not a top priority at the moment...and the independent shop has now disappeared sad

Polgara2 Sun 28-Dec-14 09:52:50

I didn't think it would be this hard!

We got ours from dreams years ago and although it's been good it is a divan so can't compare it.

Have read lots of bad reviews for bensons which is disappointing as there is one near us.

Never thought of local pine shop so will see if there are any.

Yes that's the problem with divans they don't provide the storage you expect! Both girls definitely don't want them but one fancies the lift up type which I cannot decide if it's a good idea or not?

Neither rooms are huge which is why we thought if small double rather than double.

Them I have to consider which mattress - aaaargh whose idea was this grin

unlucky83 Sun 28-Dec-14 15:33:54

I said I wouldn't get the lift up type - I don't think - only one I've experience of us was an ancient single one that had been left in a house we bought- no-one slept on it /used it as a bed, only time I opened it was because previous owners had left old towels etc underneath (I knew said we could use them as decorating etc rags). The way that one worked meant it ('hinged' bit) couldn't be tight up against a wall or it wouldn't allow the mattress to tip...and of course everything on top of the bed (duvets/pillows etc) - all end up in a pile on the floor only really suitable for bedding or things you don't need to get to very often...
Modern ones might be better though?

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