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Multiyork sofas

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efmach Sun 18-Apr-04 16:41:39

Anybody had any experience of buying a sofa from this company? Just wondering if they are worth paying that bit extra for. Thanks

littlemissbossy Sun 18-Apr-04 17:07:48

We bought three sofas from multiyork in the summer of 2000. We instantly loved them and paid out cash deposit there and then and, was given 10/12 weeks for delivery. You can imagine my horror, when less than a week later we saw an ad for multi-york advertising their forthcoming sale with savings of 40%. When the sale started, I phoned the branch and said that I'd previously seen these sofas and could she give me the sale price .... we would have saved nearly £800!!!! I therefore wrote to their head office to complain about this as they must have known about the sale and to cut a long story short their reply was tough s**t!! In fact it was very snotty and their customer service manager had the cheek to compare buying nearly £5k worth of sofas to a jumper say from Marks & Sparks. In the end we took delivery because if we hadn't we would have lost our deposit ...and we loved them anyway. The following year however, we were having problems with the wooden legs, some of them were loose, so I phoned the branch and spoke to the manager who said he'd get back to me... he didn't ... must have black mark against my name on their computer. I phoned twice more and eventually spoke to a really helpful woman who arranged for a company to come out and look at the legs... they came and replaced all of them including the some of the wooden leg supports inside the sofa. I think you can already tell my response to multi-york. We loved our sofas but they came at a price and we've had problems with them. Overall I'd give them 5/10 and if I was to buy sofas again would not spend nearly £5k nor would I go to multi-york. Sorry

iota Mon 19-Apr-04 12:35:26

We bought a 3 piece suite from them about 6 yrs ago and it's still going strong with the original covers, despite the attentions of my cat and 2 small sons.
I can't remember details about delivery etc, but the comfort and quality of the furniture is excellent.

efmach Mon 19-Apr-04 17:44:40

Thanks for your replies. Still debating whether to place an order. Sounds daft, but what cushion fillings did you go for? Can't decide whether to go for feather or fibre fill. Wanting a soft, comfortable feel but don't want the sofa to mis-shapen after a short time. I'm in a quandry about one sofa, how did you decide on three, littlemissbossy?

iota Mon 19-Apr-04 18:03:29

We went for for fibre seats and feather backs

OldieMum Tue 20-Apr-04 16:41:46

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Not Multiyork. No! No! We ordered two sofas from them one September (ready in time for Xmas etc etc) and they were delivered the following March. They are hopeless and are mentioned in this family only as a joke.

Chinchilla Thu 22-Apr-04 20:35:24

We have two from them, and they have been going strong since Feb 1995. We originally had feather backs and seats, but ended up replacing the seat cushion fillings to the foam ones, because the feather ones needed constant plumping.

Melones Thu 10-Dec-09 16:58:31


Well I must say, reading your Multiyork reviews from years gone by fills me with dread.shock I'd been intending to order tomorrow to benefit from their 10% off on top of the sale price. Also in advance of the VAT rise in January. Does anybody have a recent experience of Multiyork that they can share?

Many Thanks


secondchancejane Tue 28-Dec-10 13:02:15

Interesting to see comments - not concerned about offers or delivery times - just about quality, longevity and value for money. Any experiences in 2009 or 2010 ? Thanks

jalopy Tue 28-Dec-10 13:48:32

Hi. That was my original post.

Yes, went ahead and bought a Multiyork sofa and it's still going strong. Excellent service and very good quality product.

sue52 Wed 29-Dec-10 16:03:41

Our sofa is 14 years old and looking good. Worth the extra money IMO.

JanPurdy Tue 12-Apr-11 16:35:30

I bought my first Multiyork sofa in the late 1980's and it is still going strong! (helped by the fact that they saved my details and when I enquired about replacing the covers they simply said choose a fabric, they did not need to come and measure and they fitted perfectly) I have subsequently purchased other bits and bobs over the years, my particular favourites are my Alpine chairs which again I bought with confidence because I can change the covers in a few years time instead of having to buy new chairs!

I have never experianced problems with delivery and when I have needed to call customer services I would say the service is fine.

KARLOs123 Fri 09-May-14 17:58:15

What a SHOWER !! I applied for a job at their new to open showroom in Birstall Leeds. I did not get shortlisted and this is ABSOLUTELY FINE. However I sent for a brochure online to get a feel for the company in case I got an interview, I received two brochures and two sales letters (one with another persons name on it). I emailed the HR contact to make them aware of the error and make sure the correct person also received their brochure. It has been two weeks and the company ahs not had the common decency to acknowledge it. As I say the issue is not the job its the fact that they are so aloof. They harp on about customer services. If they can treat someone who is trying to help with utter contempt, how do they treat their customers. I bet if I went into one of their showrooms they would acknowledge me in a flash.

SHALLOW and VERY RUDE wouldn't touch these with a barge pole !!

skatergirl222 Sat 27-May-17 07:21:11

I've had my Multiyork sofas for 15 years with the same washable covers. They are just starting to fray in places so they have been excellent value. The sofas are very comfortable. The covers needs replacing but I am not sure what do so as the cushions will probably need replacing as well. This will bring the cost up, so not sure if it is worth it. Has anyone else had replace cushions etc.

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