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Curtains for a Little Boy's Room - help needed!

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jodee Sat 17-Apr-04 21:45:01

I'm trying to find some curtains at a reasonable price for ds's revamped bedroom - no characters, I'm desperately trying to avoid TTTE! - would like something with planes/trains/automobiles ... plenty of duvet sets around but not much in the way of curtains (I've looked at Next; they are nearly what I'm after but I don't want to spend 50 quid). A matching ceiling lampshade would be nice too!

Janh Sat 17-Apr-04 21:46:58

I have no idea what is in stock at the mo but have you tried Matalan? They have some nice ones usually. (You won't get a lampshade though.)

popsycal Sat 17-Apr-04 21:47:00

laura ashley......mate just bought some...but may be too expenisve....woul dbe for me probably....
i will get you a link

sammac Sat 17-Apr-04 21:47:18

Try the argos additions, they have some nice stuff, or check out ebay- they often have the next stuff that people are selling- just do a search and put in next

maisystar Sat 17-Apr-04 21:49:02

i bought next space ones for ds bedroom. were £40 but v good quality. otherwise maybe ebay(is my answer to everything!!)

popsycal Sat 17-Apr-04 21:50:26

check out this thread
though it is more duvet covers that curtains - sorry

Janh Sat 17-Apr-04 21:57:30

Crazy Planes at Argos?

There is a duvet cover too but it's on another page - here .

Posey Sat 17-Apr-04 22:00:44

Jodee, where abouts do you live?
I went to Dunelm in Lincoln for curtain fabric for both my kids bedrooms and was absolutely spoilt for choice. For ds got lovely blue with cars on (he's car mad), but they had tons of stuff. Including curtain tape and thread it cost £20 for quite a big window.
Not sure if Dunelm is a one-off shop or other branches around the place, or even if you can make them or get someone to do it for you, but worth a suggestion I thought.

jodee Sat 17-Apr-04 23:01:48

Thanks everyone ... Janh would you believe I was in Matalan today - and did I look for curtains??<sigh> Posey, I wish I was handy with a needle and thread, I would love to have a go at making my own! (Don't know anyone who could do them for me either) I'm in Bournemouth, btw. Just looked on Ebay, and there are some Next ones there, so will see if I get outbid or not!
Thanks again, all (any more suggestions gratefully received).

munchie Sun 18-Apr-04 14:26:09

jodee, I bought some lovely curtains and duvet set for mu ds2 from Asda. I think they still have them in stock. The duvet is less than a fiver and the curtains around £8.00. Hope this helps

carla Sun 18-Apr-04 14:46:23

Don't know about curtains, but judging by what my sister says about her son, blackout linings are essential!

carla Sun 18-Apr-04 14:49:34

sammac, don't want to seem like a know-it-all, but last week I saw an 'Additions' catalogue in Boots. Asked the shop assistant about it, and apparently they've taken it over from Argos. So, maybe have a look in there jodee.

tamum Sun 18-Apr-04 14:59:07

These aren't much cheaper, but I really like the Tyrrell Katz desings for children. John Lewis do them too, but again I don't suppose it would be that cheap.

jodee Mon 26-Apr-04 21:09:07

Thanks again, sammac and carla for the Additions, suggestion - found a lovely pair of Transport-themed curtains in there for £20!

DresserCottage Thu 14-Apr-16 17:45:08

I'm looking for a good curtain maker in Lincolnshire, can anyone help please, thank you smile

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