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Two Story Wooden Playhouse

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charlieplus3 Fri 16-Apr-04 21:49:50

I want to get my DD one for her 2nd birthday, but they are soooooo expensive.

Is it really worth the money as in play value??? I have ds aswell who would play in it when older.

Cheapest one ive found is Snowdrop cottage, on net is £395, same one in B & Q is nearly £500

lydialemon Sat 17-Apr-04 01:30:31

BF bought one and its great. Her DS (age 10!) uses it as a 'den' when his mates come round, her DD (5) loves it and her DS2 (2)is always disappearing into it. If I ever get a garden I would definitely get one, its like adding an extra room on for the kids, but its in the garden and out of your hair!

insanidee Sat 17-Apr-04 07:32:16

i have been looking at these as well. we are currently in the process of trying to get a house/bungalow and dd1 really wants one. the cheapest i found was £1295, so maybe i'm looking in the wrong place.

charlieplus3 Sat 17-Apr-04 08:05:54

Insanadee you could get an extension on your house for that.

Put in Waltons Snowdrop Cottage in your search engine, thats the one im looking at.

insanidee Sat 17-Apr-04 08:12:24

yeah just been looking at it. maybe i'm fussy, but it looks small. dd's have a small playhouse/log cabin at their grandparents which grandad built for them, i know he ended up spending more than buying a ready made one, but it has log cladding, a chimney, lots of windows, little verada, plus its own garden (ok my kids are spoilt). i might ask him to design one for our garden when we get one as its a lot sturdier than the ones we have seen in the shops. got a while to find out if we have been accepted to move, so will start saving.

insanidee Sat 17-Apr-04 08:13:34

i have to say, they do get used, my kids are always in and out of theirs at the grandparents.

charlieplus3 Sat 17-Apr-04 08:14:01

Ahhh i know just the place, these houses are lovely, give me a sec to find the site

charlieplus3 Sat 17-Apr-04 08:17:22

Ok try this, sorry cant link but you could copy and paste. My favourite is the post Office.

insanidee Sat 17-Apr-04 08:20:57

hey those are nice. i really shouldnt be looking in case the council refuses to move us and we dont get a garden. but like the upstairs chalet one.

yamamoto Sat 17-Apr-04 12:23:19

Built our kids one 4 years ago. Now employ a guy nearly full time two satisfy demand! this These are exspensive and probably satisfy parents more than kids! For max selection just type Playhouses into google. The B&Q houses will be difficult to beat on price. Our kids use theirs most days, summer and winter.

Nutcracker Sat 17-Apr-04 12:34:31

My dad is planning on building one for my kids in his garden. Don't think it will be a two storey one though.
If he does it at the rate he usually does 'projects' then it will probably be finished in time for dd1's 18th

charlieplus3 Sat 17-Apr-04 12:47:02

yamamoto, i found the two storey one in B&Q £150 cheaper on line, and its exactly the same one. I searched on the net for over an hour

yamamoto Sat 17-Apr-04 13:10:04

do B&Q pricematch? I know they have a 10% off for pensioners... but will they sell a pensioner a playhouse..! If you can buy locally I would, these are basically sheds with small doors and are mass produced, If you get a duffer the £150 might seem exspensive. I sound like a B&Q spotter.. promise I'm not!

charlieplus3 Tue 20-Apr-04 20:33:27

Got one. Didnt go for two storey as too much money , but got a very pretty one with window boxs and stuff.

Dp says we can upgrade when we move and the kids are older. Im all excited now, wanna put in curtains and stuff.

lars Tue 20-Apr-04 20:46:48

My dd and ds have one. DD had it for her 4th birthday now coming up to 10years. We just renewed the roof today. They painted it last year and have pot plants outside and put up pictures inside. They have had many hours of fun with it and well worth the money. Also other kids can't wait to go inside and play. A good investment for me and well worth the money. larsxx

charlieplus3 Wed 21-Apr-04 12:45:48

Ohh Piccies good idea lars, can i pinch it?

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