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help me buy a travel cot!

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nightowl Fri 16-Apr-04 03:23:24

We're going on holiday in a month to our caravan and rather than take the moses basket i want to invest in a travel cot. Are they all standard size? i fear my tiny baby might feel lost in one (shes 3 months at the mo and prob about 11 lb) what make would you go for? ideally it has to be easy to assemble, pack away neatly, easy to clean etc and not too expensive.

eidsvold Fri 16-Apr-04 07:49:36

we bought a mothercare one that had two heights - a sort of sling like shelf that strapped in and kept the baby close to the top and then the standard bottom layer. It also has a flip over change shelf and storage pockets... love it - have used it a lot - even at home for dd to sleep in downstairs when she was much younger. Easy up and down, easy to clean. I will see if I can locate it on the mothercare site for you.

eidsvold Fri 16-Apr-04 07:52:22

here - it is rather expensive - I forgot how much we paid...


wobblyknicks Fri 16-Apr-04 08:06:04

I got this one but I got it from Argos and I think it was about £35 at the time. It's extremely easy to put up and down and clean, and it packs very neatly into the carrying case. Weighs a ton but don't they all. Bought it for dd when she was 4 months and she's slept in it ever since. She looked a bit small in it at first but it wasn't a problem.

fairydust Fri 16-Apr-04 08:35:17

Agree with eidsvold the mothercsre one is brill as it has the basinette in it which is perfect for when there little like yours.

Although it is £70.00 it's well made and still looks new even though it's used loads and dd is now 2.


nightowl Fri 16-Apr-04 18:46:03

that looks like a really nice one...i dont mind paying £70 if its worth it.

LIZS Fri 16-Apr-04 19:12:51

We got a Graco one on offer in Toys r Us. It happened to have a bassinette but we have never used it. I seem to recall it having quite a low maximum weight recommendation.

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