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Will this be safe (tumble drier in wardrobe)

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Beccarollover Thu 15-Apr-04 20:35:52

I have very small house and was warned away from washer dryer so Ive just got a condensor drier that i have planned to keep in my wardrobe as that is the ONLY place I have room for one.

Anyway, its a sensor dry that turns itself off when clothes are dry

Ive just been in the room half way through first load being dried - the drier feels hot, is that normal?

Will it be safe in the wardrobe with sliding doors closed?

Will it be safe to go out in morning with it on as it turns off automatically?


WSM Thu 15-Apr-04 20:45:08

I have no idea what I'm taking about here, but common sense and instinct would tell me that the wardrobe thing is a BADDDDDDDDDD idea. I think it's advised that condensors are kept in a reasonable well ventilated room and a the risks of it over heating and starting a fire if kept in a wardrobe just really ring big, loud alarm bells in my head. Of course, I am NO expert and could be talking absolute claptrap !

twiglett Thu 15-Apr-04 20:46:31

message withdrawn

goosey Thu 15-Apr-04 20:46:42

I've got a condenser in a cupboard too and it does get very hot. I don't know whether it would get as hot if it weren't in a cupboard, but I've had it for 2yrs and it's used everyday for at least 2hrs with no probs. I would never go out of the house and leave it going though as I am always very cautious about the potential fire risk. I am also very scrupulous about de-fluffing all the filters regularly. Mine is a Zanussi one.

GeorginaA Thu 15-Apr-04 20:49:02

Becca - I have to agree with WSM here, sounds like a BIG fire trap to me I DEFINITELY wouldn't let it run in the house without being there.

Janh Thu 15-Apr-04 20:51:15

becca, I have my (vented) drier in a cupboard too, although it's not a wardrobe and has louvre doors - which are also falling off, so lots of ventilation!

Anyway mine does get very hot. (My old one didn't but this one is 50% hotter - old one was c 2.8kw, this one's nearly 4kw.) I think as long as yours doesn't touch the sides of your wardrobe, and you leave the door open, it will be OK - unless condensors are different, WSM, do you know?

Or else could you wheel it out when you run it and then wheel it back in? Don't think I'd leave it running when you go out though even if that makes it harder to fit all your laundry into the day.

Beccarollover Thu 15-Apr-04 20:51:15

Haha feel rather foolish for suggesting it now! you think its ok where it is as long as I dont have it on when Im out?

Soulfly Thu 15-Apr-04 20:59:36

I am thinking to myself that i am stupid or something, but is the condenser that box thing you put your hose into if you can't put it out the window or something? I think it is. I haave put mine in a very big cupboard which you can walk in one door and go out the other door. So i think it has enough room for ventilation. But even though i think its alright, i rarely leave it on when i am not at home. YOu just never know do you? better to be safe than sorry.

Janh Thu 15-Apr-04 21:05:59

Soulfly, becca's is the kind that has a built-in condensor and no hose - same principle though.

Mine stopped going round out of the blue the other day, and when I looked in I could see the element glowing at the back. Eeeek! It's quite new too. Anyway it started again a bit later - it can't have been a safety cutout because then the element should have cut out too - but it scared me and I'm a lot less blase about it than I used to be. They can cause fires.

Soulfly Thu 15-Apr-04 21:08:58

OH isee now i do feel stupid, lol. OMG that must have been really scary. Can you take it back? Because surely that is not right.

Soulfly Thu 15-Apr-04 21:09:50

Mines a white knight. lol.(with a hose)

Flip Thu 15-Apr-04 21:11:51

There was a story in my local paper a few months ago about an entire family that were killed in a house fire when the drier was left on overnight and the clothes caught fire. That was supposed to be a sensor one but it just didn't cut off. I certainly wouldn't leave mine in a cupboard or wardrobe and I never leave it on when I go out or go to bed.

Janh Thu 15-Apr-04 21:14:21

Oh, god, yes, I was going to ring up about it but I bought it from Comet on the internet and I can't find the delivery information to tell them about it!!!

Janh Thu 15-Apr-04 21:16:37

Oh, Flip, I know, that was so sad - Padiham is near here, I drive past their school sometimes. I didn't know it was a sensor dryer. Did the sensor fail?

Janh Thu 15-Apr-04 21:17:21

Oh, that was 3 little girls, not an entire family - is yours a different one?

Flip Thu 15-Apr-04 21:18:23

That's the way I read it. It was heartbreaking and made me check the smoke detectors. We are evening concidering having a fire door put on the lounge at the bottom of the stairs to give us an extra thirty minutes. Most fires start downstairs.

Flip Thu 15-Apr-04 21:19:01

I thought it was the mum to or did she get out? I know the dad wasn't there.

GeorginaA Thu 15-Apr-04 21:20:21

There's another very good reason not to run a tumble drier when you're out or asleep... if you get the clothes out immediately the cycle has finished and fold/put them on hangers carefully and quickly there's no need to iron!

Slinky Thu 15-Apr-04 21:24:36

I never leave anything running overnight, ie tumble dryer/dishwasher/washing machine and I switch everything off at the wall.

I can't leave the tumble dryer running whilst I'm out as I need to have the utility room door open.

Beccarollover Thu 15-Apr-04 21:40:17

It is very scary - I WONT be leaving the house with it on.

Conundrum number 2 is the room with the wardrobe is also the room that DS sleeps (7 months) is it safe in that the room seems to be rather warm and he is sleeping in there?

Also(!) - its taking an awful long time - its been on over 2 hours and clothes still not dry!

Flip Thu 15-Apr-04 21:44:12

Becca I don't think I'd run a drier in a childs bedroom because when mine has been running in the utility room the air is really dry and that's with the window open and the hose hanging out. Also if the room is getting hot then it's probably not ideal either. Do you have a room temp thing so you can see how hot it is in there?

goosey Thu 15-Apr-04 21:45:43

Could you do say a swap with your freezer if you've got one?

GeorginaA Thu 15-Apr-04 21:46:41

Hmm... over 2 hours and clothes not dry? Sounds like maybe it was a bit overloaded? (At least, my washer dryer which is less efficient usually runs for 1hr 30 for what it calls "iron dry" - i.e. very slightly damp (good for letting creases drop out in the airing cupboard) - but if it's much wetter than that it's usually because I put too much in)

Flip Thu 15-Apr-04 21:48:09

Does no one peg washing out anymore?

Janh Thu 15-Apr-04 21:50:04

That's a good idea, goosey! (Thought for a minute *you* wanted to swap a freezer!)

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