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The Sactuary body lotion - is it just me?

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Hulababy Thu 15-Apr-04 11:12:08

I have some of this body lotion from The Sacuary. Bought as a pressie for me from Boots. But I have used it twice now and both times it has made my legs so painful. It just burns and burns, and actually is very painful. Both my sister and my mum have had no problems with the stuff, and I had no problems with the soaps, shower gels, etc. from the pack. Just this. I am normally okay with lotions, although my skin can be a little bit senstive at times. But not to this extent.

Is it just me? Am I allergic or having some strange reacion to it?

Just wondered really.

Twinkie Thu 15-Apr-04 11:31:50

Hurts me - it has ginger in it and burns me too - bit of a shit cause I have tons of the stuff and the bloody spray on oil which I just find ultra messy - although ahve been told to use it to prevent stretchmarks!!

bundle Thu 15-Apr-04 11:33:13

i had v severe reaction to lemongrass oil a few years back, i put it into the bath unsuspectingly..ouch. and my skin is normally tough as leather

Hulababy Thu 15-Apr-04 11:35:59

Glad it's just not me. Thjought it might be the ginger. But it really hurt, Had to get ice from the freezer onto my legs

Twinkie Thu 15-Apr-04 11:37:54

I cried Hulababy - DP was really worried ha ha ha - he got out of the bath so I could get in and wash it off and had only shaved half of his face!!

myermay Thu 15-Apr-04 11:44:40

Message withdrawn

bluesky Fri 16-Apr-04 20:40:43

Hulababy, perhaps there is something wrong with the product, I would send it back in a jiffy bag to the address on the bottle, you never know you might actually get a reply ... and some freebies?!

They will be able to test it to see.

Hulababy Fri 16-Apr-04 20:42:02

Grrr, it's horrid isn't it. Too late for sending it bakck though - it's in the bin long gone now!

charlieplus3 Fri 16-Apr-04 20:42:18

I think Lisa 78 had a reaction to it, it burned her bottom. What she was doing with it there i dont know. Will see if i can find her thread

charlieplus3 Fri 16-Apr-04 20:44:18

Yep it was Lisa. March 26th under products and burning bum. She got her santuary stuff from boots

Hulababy Fri 16-Apr-04 20:45:14


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