I need to get decent, hard-wearing school shoes this afternoon...where from??!

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zephyrcat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:12:00

I don't like Clarke's and I think their children's shoes are upstairs so I generally refuse to go in there!

So. Where do I get decent, smart but funky hard wearing, long lasting girl's school shoes.

I bought DD a pair in Woolies before she started school and they are wrecked already!!

zephyrcat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:12:19

* funky and hard wearing

hulababy Fri 06-Oct-06 11:13:25

Do you have an independent shoe shop near you? I find our local one great. We got Startrite shoes for DD and they are really hard wearing.

lockets Fri 06-Oct-06 11:14:28

Message withdrawn

PhantomCAM Fri 06-Oct-06 11:15:09

I got dd some Rhino (by Startrite) ones that are funky and hard wearing. We have an independent shoe shop that stocks them but I know Jones do them as well in some towns.

AnAngelWithin Fri 06-Oct-06 11:16:00

i got some anti scuff ones from asda for my dd and they were really good.

lockets Fri 06-Oct-06 11:16:23

Message withdrawn

zephyrcat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:17:16

Hmm - there must be some independant shops here - we are in Southampton. I've never noticed them though, we seem to be overrun with cheap crap shoe shops!

Are Start-Rite expensive/long-lasting etc? the ones she has now are her size but have stretched and sliip off so she's constantly falling over, poor thing!

Tawny75 Fri 06-Oct-06 11:19:20

I got my dd's from Brantano, they are Hush Puppies, had them last year as well. Excellent shoes, about £30-£35

AnAngelWithin Fri 06-Oct-06 11:19:51

how much are you looking to pay for them? at the most?

zephyrcat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:20:48

She'd love those lockets!

zephyrcat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:21:55

I'm expecting to pay around £30 going by shoes we've got from Clarks in the past...

LIZS Fri 06-Oct-06 11:22:27

Do you have a John Lewis - they stock Startrite and other brands as well as Clarks . Startrite tend to cost more than Clarks though - dd's were £37 - but they do stand up to playground punishment and are outgrown before they look tatty .

PhantomCAM Fri 06-Oct-06 11:29:10

Startrite are more expensive but they will last and still look good until she grows out of them.

zephyrcat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:30:20

Of course forgot John Lewis do shoes!

charliebat Fri 06-Oct-06 11:36:20

I get dds from ebay. Get them measured and come home and get them for £10-15. clarks new on ebay

doglover Fri 06-Oct-06 13:49:37

Frenchs in Bedford Place have a range of shoes including Start-Rite etc. Fitting is thorough...... real old-fashioned decent service. We always go there.

asleep Fri 06-Oct-06 13:51:39

i bought DD some hush puppies in brantano and they've lasted well so far. also bought the anti-scuff ones from asda last year, they really impressed me.

slithy Sat 09-Oct-10 15:59:34

I came across these guys while browsing looking for good school shoes. Unfortunately we don't have any stockists near us, but I'm thinking about ordering some anyway. The pair of shoes I bought barely lasted 4 weeks. Last year I got Clarks to start the year and had to replace them at Halloween. I got Start-rite and really they ought to have been replaced by Easter as they were looking really worn and tatty, but we pushed them through to summer. Anyone anywhere near a stockist for these guys who can give an opinion?

colditz Sat 09-Oct-10 16:03:06

Slithy - I think ZC might have sorted it out now ... it is four yars later, after all winkgrin

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