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Rear facing buggy?

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louloubelle Fri 06-Oct-06 10:51:49

Hi...I have a jane powertrack, and a phil and ted, but now my little boy is 6 months and my dd (2.75) walks most of the time, I really want a rear facing pushchair, preferably a 3 wheeler or suitable for country walks. Had a quick look at the Loola and the new Britax one. Does anyone own one of these? They seem so rare now apart from the Bugaboo, and I don't want one of those (no offence...)Any suggestions gratefully received...

misdee Fri 06-Oct-06 10:52:56

a good one is the icoo infinity.

louloubelle Fri 06-Oct-06 10:55:56

Is that the one that looks a little weird...?

misdee Fri 06-Oct-06 10:56:54


you can get just the buggy bit for about £100 on ebay.

Piffle Fri 06-Oct-06 10:57:50

Exactly my dilemma
Want rear facing pushchair that is as light and easy and as slim width wise as a small stroller
I do not like the icoo tbh
I do like the bugaboo and I think mothercare have brought out a bugaboo alike called maui but it felt a little rickety - but bugaboos are damned pricey.

misdee Fri 06-Oct-06 10:58:33

maui is essentially the same deisgn as the icoo.

Piffle Fri 06-Oct-06 11:00:09

oh and there is an icandy apple as well which is daned hard to find a local stockist of to check it out!

louloubelle Fri 06-Oct-06 11:05:53

The icoo was not the one I was expecting...didn't mean to offend anyone, sorry!

louloubelle Fri 06-Oct-06 11:08:03

By the way, why don't you like the icoo? Anything i should be aware of?

misdee Fri 06-Oct-06 11:08:39

i loved the i'coo. i regret selling it.

Piffle Fri 06-Oct-06 11:12:32

it rattles on hard ground
tbh I've given dp the must haves he is doing the road tests
Leave it to a scientist
He likes the bug chameleon
I do not like the fleece or the price...

louloubelle Fri 06-Oct-06 11:17:35 I right thinking that the Icoo and the Hauck infinity are the same thing?

curlyshirley Fri 06-Oct-06 15:42:57

why not get a matrix seat to go on your jane? you can use them up to quite a heavy weightt

shhhh Fri 06-Oct-06 16:40:49

icandy apple apparently is only available with certain stockists and the price is fixed in most cases..Rasons being, the manufacturers don't want to saturate the market like what's happened with the bugaboo.. Apparently they want it to be available in limited places and to certain clientel iykwim..Sounds mad but hey who am I.??!!!

louloubelle Fri 06-Oct-06 19:28:21

Tried a icandy apple today, and is good, but no room for a buggy board which is necessary for toddler. Price is 280 for buggy chassis, standars price across all retailers. Also tried a Loola, but handles felt very wobbly...

saltcod Sat 07-Oct-06 09:09:06

Hi Louloubelle

How about the new mutsy 4-rider (click on MUTSY at the top on the righthandside)? You can get an airtyres or a lightweight version. Seat Unit faces both ways. Quinny buzz is another option. The bebeconfort high trek is another rear-facing 3 wheeler.

I was also looking at rear-facing "strollers" but hated the way the handles on the loola & the bebecar reversus were so wobbly. Decided I would rather have a pushchair I enjoyed actually pushing (hence the air tyres on the mutsy or the quinny - probably gonna get the mutsy) & keep my old Maclaren techno (from dd1) for around the shops.

I'm another one who doesn't like the bugaboos....... just don't like the look of them, tried my SIL's one & found it very fiddly to collapse & it veered all over the place - constantly struggled to keep it going in a straight line! Have also tried out the icandy apple but found it quite a bit heavier to push/steer than the Mutsy/Quinny & also found the "flat" handlebar very uncomfortable to grip.

The new Britax one I have only seen on Mothercare's website... what did you think of it when you tried it out?

annelees Wed 08-Jul-09 09:10:24

Message withdrawn

pigleychez Wed 08-Jul-09 16:29:18

I have a cosatto mobi.. although I think they have just changed the name to Budi.

Easy to push and not too heavy.
Seat faces forward and rearwards.
The covers all come off and go into the washing which is great.
Has a 4yr guarantee.


Ive had quite a few people comment on mine.

ChairmumMiaow Wed 08-Jul-09 19:57:31

I love my loola but it is definitely a town puschair (and preferably a town with lots of drop kerbs as it is a bugger to get up and down, particularly when loaded up)

wwwbabygudscouk Thu 09-Jul-09 15:45:35

I have the Vigour 3+ and I have used it on country walks and it was great if you just lock the front wheel plus it will also take a buggy board.

Dalrymps Thu 09-Jul-09 15:48:18

Quinny buzz good 'off road'.

Loola not so good off road...

babydrip Thu 09-Jul-09 21:12:33

I had a play with the new vigour 3 ar kiddicare yesterday..fab! very light, turns really easily etc, long seat unit (although if you have a 'chunky' babe they do seem a little cosey....not a problem for me as have slim girlies!) folds with seat facing both ways, huge hood...much better than older ones and seat unit better as not bucket friend has the older version and she loves it, has been to festivals (in fields etc!) beach with no problems.
I am seriously considering this for when our youngest out grows her carrycot.

babydrip Thu 09-Jul-09 21:14:25

oh yes and friend used a buggy board on hers..her boys are quiet solid as well! grin

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