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Radley dog tag

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fairydust Thu 05-Oct-06 09:23:43

Anyone know we're i can buy just the radley dog tag i've lost mine off my new handbag

MadameMorticiaMills Thu 05-Oct-06 09:27:44

There was a thread about Radley handbags recently. Apparently people steal them and sell them on ebay

MadameMorticiaMills Thu 05-Oct-06 09:28:13

The tags I mean, not necessarily the bags.

Flumpybumpy Thu 05-Oct-06 09:30:37

Mine snapped off when I got it caught in the buggy. Boros (the handbag shop) sell the tags for £2 (thats what they charged me) but they don't always have all the colours.


fairydust Thu 05-Oct-06 10:12:44

who are boros - do you have any details at all?

fairydust Thu 05-Oct-06 10:32:06


fairydust Thu 05-Oct-06 12:25:13


Flumpybumpy Fri 06-Oct-06 11:33:19

Boros are a shop inhigh street. They have a yellow and black shop front. I am not sure if the have website, I will try to find out and let you know.

They are a luggage and handbag shop, quite big, I saw a branch in America as well us loads over here. We have one in Crawley, West Sussex where live.

Sorry I can't be of more help I will try to find out some more info for you.

FB x

Flumpybumpy Fri 06-Oct-06 11:39:10

Okay, can't find a webiste but have got the number for the Crawley store 01293 539953. You could try giving them a call and seeing if there is a branch near you.


amazonianwoman Fri 06-Oct-06 19:07:07

I've got one you can have if you like, it's pale blue leather, came off my radley bag when I washed it (it's a material radley bag, not leather!) and I'm not bothered about having one on my bag.

Let me know, will post if you want it.

paulinka Mon 09-Oct-06 17:50:36

ebay sell them, i thought you were supposed to take it off anyway

fairydust Mon 09-Oct-06 17:59:33

sorry didn't get back to this.
i phoned radley to see if any of there stockist sell them and the lady on the phone said that officaly they don't sell them she forever promice to send me one free through the post

cod Mon 09-Oct-06 18:02:36

Message withdrawn

LadyVenicia Sun 20-Jan-08 19:21:31

I was hoping you might be able to help - is the etiquette to leave the dog tag on when using your Radley bag or take it off?

Please help a new Radley owner's dilema!

Shhhh Sun 20-Jan-08 19:32:11

you keep it on!!!! Of course wink

mondefleuri Sat 05-Jul-08 16:51:45

hi amazonianwoman have you still got your dog tag? i have been looking everywhere for one . could you e-mail me with any more infomation if you still have it. my e-mail is if you want to contact me about it

HelenDB7 Sat 12-Jul-08 20:26:05

You can get lots of Dog tags - different sizes and shapes, off E Bay- just type in Radley Dog Tags. They seem to go for around £10.

Hope this helps smile

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