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Maclaren vogue or quest

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Beccarollover Mon 12-Apr-04 21:32:00

About to order and cant decide...

Any thoughts?

DS 7 months

hercules Mon 12-Apr-04 21:52:24

I'll watchwith interest as i'm going to be buying a stroller soon also. what's the price difference?

Beccarollover Mon 12-Apr-04 21:59:10

20 quid - the vogue is dearer but comes with a zip off foot muff thing

gingernut Mon 12-Apr-04 22:01:40

We have a Vogue. Love it. Bought before the Quest came out though so I'm not sure what the differences are. Vogue is suitable from birth and I don't think the Quest is, but that will only be important for you if you're thinking of having another .

(BTW, my decision was based mainly on liking the colour of the Vogue at the time!!).

fairydust Mon 12-Apr-04 22:07:40

becca were are you getting if from???

Beccarollover Mon 12-Apr-04 22:12:31


I have ordered the vogue, I hope I like it as much as I would have done the quest!

lolliepops Mon 12-Apr-04 22:12:41

you might aswell get the one for £20 extra, as i think the footmuff thigs are about £25. I have a techno xt i love it i wouldnt be without it,well i am at the mo as my friend has lent it! she bought a nasty travel system which wasnt worth the money!!! big thumsup to maclaren

fairydust Mon 12-Apr-04 22:14:44

same here we got our techno xt from kiddicare and they were fab the only reason we had the techno was for the adjustable handels but it's been fab i don't think you'll have any problem with it

eddm Mon 12-Apr-04 22:17:31

Very happy with the Vogue and footmuff is excellent esp on the one occasion when somehow I managed to get ds only strapped in on one side... stopped him slipping out. Bad mummy . Much better than travel systems which are too big and bulky IMO.

Beccarollover Mon 12-Apr-04 22:26:48

I love the techno but thought that now he is 7 months not much point in splashing out the extra for the extra positions etc, I just KNOW Im gonna wish I had gone for the techno though lol

WideWebWitch Mon 12-Apr-04 23:45:51

I recently bought a Quest and I love it. I don't know the Vogue but I definitely decided the Techno wasn't worth the extra 50 quid. What you get for that is bigger wheels, padded straps and flatter positions. So it would have been worth it had I needed it from birth but dd was already 3 months when I bought it. It's fantastic, I have to say, very light and easily manoeuverable (sp? that looks wrong). Ah, see I'm a bit late as you've already bought it! Never mind maybe this'll be useful to someone. Thanks if you were one of the women I stopped in John Lewis in Cribbs to ask what you thought of the Quest before I bought it

nikcola Tue 13-Apr-04 00:00:35

buy a tecno its fab

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