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Car seats-anyone got the WHICH report?

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merglemergle Mon 12-Apr-04 11:04:09

Does anyone have the WHICH report on car seats?

I need to know the safest car seat for 9months - 4 years.

My son needs the next stage up of car seats. I did have a copy of the report but we moved house and I put it somewhere safe...

If anyone wants to know the safest car seats for 0-9 months, I think it was the bebe confort elios then the graco autobaby.

I think its ok to do this.... I don't have a credit card so I can't subscribe to WHICH.

I KNOW it depends on your car but ours takes pretty much anyting.

I can't get into "find the best" for car seats and I posted this under site support and now my post has inept...grrr.

twiglett Mon 12-Apr-04 11:07:42

message withdrawn

essbee Mon 12-Apr-04 11:11:44

Message withdrawn

merglemergle Mon 12-Apr-04 11:14:07

Wow-quick responses. Thanks!

stripey Mon 12-Apr-04 11:17:27

I have it. Britax Renaissance got 3/5 for ease of use and 4/5 for crash rating so did Graco Cosmic, Mothercare MX Sport got 2/5 for ease of use and 5/5 for crash rating. I think this info is about 1.5 yrs old.

I had already bought a maxi-cosi proiri when the report came out for ds1 and I have to say it is fantastic for moving from car to car and reclining but it only had a 3/5 for both categories, I would definitely have given it 5/5 for ease of use. Bought my ds2 a Britax Eclipse (from birth - 4), the shoulder straps always twist don't pull as tightly as the maxi-cosi and is a nightmare to try and recline once you have started to drive even with 2 hands. Also have never got used to moving it from car to car.

KatieMac Mon 12-Apr-04 23:45:47

We sunscribe to which & don't have a cc - we pay by DD

jessysmummy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:06:08

Don't know if this is any use - The AA website ( had ratings for car seats from the motoring trust. Mamas & Paps Pro-Tec and Romer (Britax) Duo Plus came out top for 1-4 years. Don't know how current that is. Does anyone know where I can find info on which seats fit which cars? I know that Britax have this info on their website but can't find anything from other manufacturers.

Hulababy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:08:16

The Britax/Romer Duo is an Isofix car seat, so you need an Isofix compatable car. If you do - they are fab, and so safe.

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