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Double buggy with car seat

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boohbah Mon 12-Apr-04 08:50:35

Is there such a thing as double pushchair that has a carseat attachment to it???

Not after the tandem type one a side by side one is what we want.........

toddlerbob Mon 12-Apr-04 09:10:49

The Mountain buggy can have one side adapted with a car seat clip. However having spoken to a Red Cross lady at a course recently I will be decanting any future babies into the pram rather than leaving them in the car seat.

insanidee Mon 12-Apr-04 09:14:13

what did the red cross lady say?

toddlerbob Mon 12-Apr-04 09:30:01

Scary stuff about little heads falling forwards and cutting off air supply. There was another lady there who had a premmie baby and she was not allowed to take her home until they had tested that her baby was getting enough oxygen for 40 minutes in the car seat(twice time taken to get home). Anyway this thread isn't supposed to be about I will stop. Sorry boohbar.

dis Mon 12-Apr-04 21:51:18

I saw a super-expensive one last year that I really wanted but when I saw it in a shop it was massive, really really wide and would never fit through a shop doorway. I think it Bebecar and it could do car seat and carrycot attachments as well. Very nice though! I'm sure bebecar have a website so you could probably find it there.

grumpyzebra Mon 12-Apr-04 22:04:30

Yes! I have one: Graco Duo Tandem Travel System. It cost me £170 2.5 yrs ago from a now defunct website, including the carseat bit, but hopefully you can find it somewhere online. I see them about. American family have described it as "SUV buggy", English friends are more succinct simply saying "your posh buggy" -- it's a heavy long tandem, but good choice for people who do much walking like I do.

grumpyzebra Mon 12-Apr-04 22:05:26

Oops, sorry, just realised you said you didn't want tandem, but Maybe my post will help someone else is perusing the thread.

prettycandles Tue 13-Apr-04 20:33:48

I saw an umbrella-fold double buggy car system in a magazine a couple of years ago. Of course, I can't remember what the make was! I *think* it might have been a Chicco. HTH

carwillin Wed 14-Apr-04 07:27:58

I seen a Graco one at the weekend in Complete Baby Equipment, Pailton. Not really beneficial if you don't live in the area but they do exist.

Bronze Mon 19-Apr-04 14:42:13

Did you manage to find one, cos i'm very interested in something similar. If not I guess I'll stick with a normal side by side buggy


boohbah Mon 19-Apr-04 17:23:54

havn't found one - were looking into the mamas and papas twin aria at the mo which is a side by side one

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